[fedora-virt] F12 feature: Host information

Bill McGonigle bill at bfccomputing.com
Tue Jun 16 18:21:02 UTC 2009

On 06/16/2009 01:03 PM, Richard W.M. Jones wrote:

> It isn't that there is no network, it's that the guest and the host
> networks are strictly separated from each other, often physically.

Could you clarify that - you mean like PCI network card assignment? 
Because the guest can't be safe from its host, from a security stance, 
unless SELinux does more than I realize.

It would be straightforward to create an isolated monitoring bridge with 
a private address space if one wanted to do SNMP between guests and 
hosts.  (OK, to be fair, I haven't ever tried this with virtual interfaces).

Alton Brown is always asking at the kitchen gadget store, "OK, but what 
else can it do?"  I'm not saying there's not a use for this 
special-purpose device, but is it a one-off or the start of more 
general-purpose infrastructure?

That armchair quarterbacking aside - the Wiki page says you have 
customers asking for this.  Have they already ruled out an SNMP 
approach?  Too complex, too heavy-weight, etc.?


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