[fedora-virt] Fedora virt status

Mark McLoughlin markmc at redhat.com
Fri Jun 5 15:37:41 UTC 2009

Okay, so F-11 is done and dusted. Onwards to F-12!

Here's what the schedule looks like:

  2009-07-28  Feature Freeze (53 days)
  2009-08-04  Beta Freeze (60 days)
  2009-09-22  Final Development Freeze (109 days)
  2009-10-20  Compose & Stage Release Candidate (137 days)

F11 Release

Another one week slip for the F11 release, this because of a late
breaking anaconda storage problem:


  A late discovered and just potentially fixed anaconda storage bug[1]
  has necessitated another week slip of our schedule.  The change is
  important but invasive enough to require re-validating our storage
  tests. We were already late in producing the Release Candidate and
  there is not enough time to produce another one and validate it in
  time for next Tuesday's release date.

However, the release is now complete and being queued up on the
mirrors. Expect the release early next week!

F11 Virt Interview

Dan Berrange was interviewed about virtualization in Fedora 11. Read
the full interview here:


F11 Updates

A number of zero-day updates are available for F-11 users. The
following are available in stable:


and these are in updates-testing:


Please help out with testing these latest updates and report any

Virt Preview Repository

Updates are being pushed regularily to the virt-preview repository:


Below are the updates which have been pushed lately - obviously these
are also available in rawhide:

  == qemu ==

  * Fri Jun  5 2009 Mark McLoughlin <markmc at redhat.com> - 2:0.10.50-6.kvm86
  - Fix 'kernel requires an x86-64 CPU' error
  - BuildRequires ncurses-devel to enable '-curses' option (#504226)

  * Wed Jun  3 2009 Mark McLoughlin <markmc at redhat.com> - 2:0.10.50-5.kvm86
  - Prevent locked cdrom eject - fixes hang at end of anaconda installs (#501412)
  - Avoid harmless 'unhandled wrmsr' warnings (#499712)

  * Thu May 21 2009 Mark McLoughlin <markmc at redhat.com> -
  - Update to kvm-86 release
  - ChangeLog here: http://marc.info/?l=kvm&m=124282885729710

  == libvirt ==

  * Fri Jun  5 2009 Mark McLoughlin <markmc at redhat.com> - 0.6.4-2.fc12
  - Remove the qemu BuildRequires

  * Fri May 29 2009 Daniel Veillard <veillard at redhat.com> - 0.6.4-1.fc12
  - Upstream release of 0.6.4
  - new APIs
  - fixes for latests QEmu/KVM versions
  - various assorted fixes

  * Mon May 25 2009 Mark McLoughlin <markmc at redhat.com> - 0.6.3-11.fc12
  - Bring up the bridge, even if it doesn't have an IP address (bug #501912)

  * Thu May 21 2009 Mark McLoughlin <markmc at redhat.com> - 0.6.3-10.fc12
  - Fix XML attribute escaping (bug #499791)
  - Fix serious event handling issues causing guests to be destroyed (bug #499698)

  * Thu May 21 2009 Mark McLoughlin <markmc at redhat.com> - 0.6.3-9.fc12
  - Fix qemu argv detection with latest qemu (bug #501923)

Some discussion has also begun on how to sign the packages in the
preview repo:


Xen Dom0

Jeremy Fitzhardinge's latest submission of the Xen Dom0 patches for
2.6.31 has caused the kernel community to get themselves into a bit of
a flap. LWN has a nice article on the 'discussion':


  But the stronger voice looks to be the one saying that the problems
  need to be fixed first. The deciding factors seem to be (1) the
  user-space ABI, and (2) the intrusion into the core x86 code; those
  issues make Xen different from yet another driver or
  filesystem. That, in turn, suggests that the Dom0 code is not
  destined for the mainline anytime soon. Instead, the Xen developers
  will be expected to go back and fix a list of problems - a lot of
  work with an uncertain result at the end.

Will we have Dom0 support in the F-12 kernel? It's looking
increasingly unlikely, isn't it?

On a positive note, reading LKML threads like this are a good way of
putting the supposed dire state of fedora-devel-list in perspective ;-)

In other news Michael Young continues to push out RPM builds of the
latest Dom0 patch set:


Oh yes - Gerd Hoffman has pushed a xen-3.4.0 update to F-11:


  DOOM-O-METER: 236 open bugs 3 weeks ago, 238 now.

It looks like 103 of these are F-11/F-12 bugs which aren't fixed by
pending updates.

The "short" list of particularily interesting F-11 bugs is here:


= New Bugs =

== qemu ==

    qemu/tcg - boot hangs intermittently on cryptomgr_test at

    Rich Jones discovered this TCG issue with libguestfs tests. There
    has been some discussion upstream analyzing the issue.

    Add system_reboot to qemu

    Currently there is no way for libvirt to request qemu to reboot a
    guest. We really should get this done for F12.

    qemu VNC :: xterm inside VM shows garbled text

    Looks like our vnc server has some issues with framebuffer

    qemu-system-ppc on ppc host fails with "no opcode defined"

    It looks like qemu-system-ppc on a ppc host is failing to
    initialize its opcode table.

    qemu-system-ppc fails to boot ISO image

    Looks like qemu's ppc target can't currently boot from a cdrom.

== libvirt ==

    virt-manager traceback on shutdown of qemu-kvm -no-acpi guest

    A guest with ACPI disabled will exit immediately when issued with
    the "system_powerdown" command and libvirt isn't handling this

== virtinst ==

    virtinst should always specify the disk image format in guest

    This is a long standing known issue, which has been fixed upstream
    bu we should really pull the fix into F-11.

== virt-manager ==

    virt-manager does not re-connect after libvirtd restart

    It seems that if you restart libvirtd while virt-manager is
    running, then virt-manager doesn't know how to re-connect to

    virt-manager should restart linux guests after they have finished

    Discussion about the fact that virt-manager does not re-start a
    guest after it has been installed.

    virt-manager does not recalculate free disk space on new VM

    In the 'New VM' wizard, we don't currently update the 'XXXGb
    available on the host' message if people go and delete files when
    they realize they don't have enough space.

    RFE virt-manager: allow desktop switch with ctrl+alt+arrow_key

    Someone finally filed a bug on it :-) When you go to switch
    workspaces with Ctrl-Alt-Arrow, virt-manager grabs the keyboard,
    which is pretty annoying.

    virt-manager window size bigger after returning from fullscreen

    It seems that going back and forth between fullscreen can cause
    the virt-manager window to be resized such that it is partially

    memory changes in virt-manager do not persist across libvirtd

    virt-manager is using a non-persistent libvirt API to adjust the
    guest memory configuration.

    virt-manager refuses to increase guest memory until max memory
    change is first applied

    An annoying little problem where virt-manager appears to want to
    pick a fight with the user.

== gnome-applet-vm ==

    gnome-applet-vm should use PolicyKit

    The applet currently uses consolehelper, it should use PolicyKit

= Resolved Bugs =

== qemu ==

    f11 kvm guest install exits after package install completes

    qemu wasn't properly implementing cdrom door locking allowing
    anaconda to eject the cdrom while it was locked, killing the
    install. Fixed in qemu-0.10.5-2.fc11.

    qemu segfaults for -net socket,listen=localhost:4567

    Simple fix cherry-picked from upstream and included in

    qemu-kvm: avoid harmless unhandled wrmsr 0xc0010117 messages

    These warnings were causing quite a bit of confusion so we've
    cherry-picked a fix from Marcelo to make them go away. Also in

    LiveCD Installer hangs during guest VM install-to-virt-drive

    Apparently this has been fixed by the qemu-0.10.5 update.

    kqemu is disabled in qemu

    Glauber lays down the law, we're not supporting kqemu.

    qemu-kvm binary should support the '-curses' option

    A simple missing ncurses-devel BuildRequires was causing the
    '-curses' option to not be supported in qemu. Fixed in F-12.

== libvirt ==

    libvirt runs qemu-system-ppc with wrong machine type - should be
    g3beige, not g3bw

    The ppc machine types have changed in upstream qemu; fixed in the
    libvirt-0.6.2-12.fc11 update.

    libvirtd crashes on tls connection

    danpb fixed this upstream and the fix was included in

    F11: libvirt: cannot shutdown virtual machines booted to a
    console prompt

    It turns out that if acpid is not running in the guest, the qemu
    'system_powerdown' command used by libvirt doesn't do anything.

== virt-viewer ==

    virt-viewer prevents key combinations like alt-f from being sent
    to the guest
    virt-viewer mixes up password and username credentials for VNC
    virt-viewer doesn't know how to provide a username/password to
    libvirt connections

    danpb pushed a virt-viewer-0.0.3-5.fc11 update with fixes for all
    these issues.

== libguestfs ==

    "mkdir-p" should not throw errors on preexisting directories
    cramfs and squashfs modules should be available in libguestfs
    libguestfs /dev is too sparse for kernel installation/upgrade

    Rich Jones and Charles Duffy have been busily fixing libguestfs

= Ongoing Bugs =

== qemu ==

    qemu-kvm -kernel should parse "vga=" cmdline option

    Someone posted an implementation for this upstream.

    qemu segfault when VNC client disconnects

    Enrico tried the test patch and it didn't help, but that could be
    down to the fact that there are many failure cases. A cleaner fix
    is required.

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