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[fedora-virt] best Fedora virtualization

I am planning on running several virtual machines on a single host.  I
will have two or three Linux baeed virtual machines and one or two
Windoze.  I plan on using a F11 host system.

I need most of these to run automatically on boot-up of the host
system.  It would be really nice if I could use something like the
Ctl-Alt-FN to be able to access and switch between virtual machines.
This needs to be stable.  The machines that these virtual machines are
intended to replace are often running hundreds of days between

My gut feel is that the virt-manager suite might be the way to go,
editting the apropriate xml files as required.  I also see there
is a qemu launcher and it seems to work okay.  I suspect there are
others as well.

What tends to be the consensus here on the various virtual machine
managers?  Are there white papers somewhere that could give some



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