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[fedora-virt] [ANNOUNCE] New release virtinst 0.400.2

I'm happy to announce a new virtinst release, version 0.400.2. The
release can be downloaded from:


The direct download link is:


This release includes:

  - New virt-clone option --original-xml, allows cloning a guest from
      an xml file, rather than require an existing, defined guest.
  - New virt-install option --import, allows creating a guest from an
      existing disk image, bypassing any OS install phase.
  - New virt-install option --host-device, for connecting a physical
      host device to the guest.
  - Allow specifying 'cache' value via virt-install's --disk options
      (Ben Kochie)
  - New virt-install option --nonetworks (John Levon)
  - Lots of backend cleanups and documentation improvements.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this release through testing,
bug reporting, submitting patches, and otherwise sending in feedback!


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