[fedora-virt] Fedora virt status report

Mark McLoughlin markmc at redhat.com
Thu Mar 26 16:41:53 UTC 2009

This is the first Fedora virt status report in a month now, and it's
been a heck of busy month!

  - The F11 feature/beta freeze
  - Scrambling to complete the F11 virt features
  - Legendary work getting the qemu/kvm package merge in shape
  - A re-designed virt-manager UI
  - Various upstream releases
  - Progress on Xen Dom0
  - A massive amount of bugzilla activity

We're not there yet, though. The final important item on the F11
schedule is:

  2009-04-14 Final freeze (20 days)

There's a huge pile of bug-fixing and polish work to do in that
time. If you're looking to help out, there's no better place to start
than the F11VirtBlocker/F11VirtTarget tracker bugs:


Fedora 11 Beta

The Beta was due to be released at this point, but a 7 day slip was
announced last week:


Jesse isn't pointing fingers, but I am ... it's anaconda's fault :-)

It looks like today's rawhide may be the final Beta compose, as the
blocker list is looking much healthier:


Fedora Weekly News

With so much going on in the Fedora Virtualization space in the last
number of weeks, it's great to see Dale Bewley continuing to
contribute excellent virt sections to FWN:


F11 Virt Features

Chris Lalance summarised a recent FECSo meeting where four virt
features were discussed:


The upshot is that the Shared Network Interface is postponed until
Fedora 12.

Also, the KVM and QEMU Merge feature fell off the radar briefly, but
will hopefully be approved as an exception by FESCo this week.

So, the final list of F11 virt features is:


    * KVM PCI Device Assignment
    * KVM and QEMU merge
    * SVirt Mandatory Access Control
    * VirtImprovedConsole
    * VirtVNCAuth

Planning for Fedora 12 has already begun, and the current set of
features proposed is:


    * Shared Network Interface
    * VirtStorageManagement
    * XenPvopsDom0

KVM PCI Device Assignment

This feature is now complete for F11:


Just in time for feature freeze, the libvirt node device attach,
re-attach and reset APIs were added (in 0.6.1). Cole also added the
--host-device parameter to virt-install and host device support to

Also, /sys/bus/pci/devices/pci-stub/remove_id (used by libvirt) was
recently backported from 2.6.30 to rawhide:


KVM and QEMU Merge

Glauber continued his awesome work on merging the qemu and kvm


-- QEMU 0.10 --

Upstream QEMU did a 0.10.0 release, followed closely by a 0.10.1


This release will form the basis of the Fedora 11 version of
QEMU. However, in order for that to happen, the KVM upstream
maintainers need to release a version of kvm-userspace which is based
on the qemu-0.10.x series. This is planned in the near future. In the
meantime, rawhide will ship snapshots of latest kvm-userspace.git.

QEMU upstream plan to do regular releases every three months. There
will also be releases from the current stable branch (e.g. 0.10.x for
now) as needed. This is great news for Fedora, as it means we can
track QEMU development in Fedora while still being able to keep QEMU
stable in Fedora releases.

-- BIOS Packages --

Work continued on the gnarly issue of build BIOS images for QEMU. The
vgabios and openbios packages were approved:

      Review Request: vgabios - vga option rom for bochs/qemu
      Review Request: openbios - Open Source implementation of IEEE 1275-1994

Also, the bochs-bios package was approved, but  with koji's ability to
build noarch sub-packages, it was no longer needed:

    Review Request: bochs-bios - bios implementation from the bochs

Later, it was realized that a KVM specific version of bochs was
needed, so Glauber added that to the bochs package:

      Cannot run F10/F11 i386 guests without disabling ACPI
      doesn't boot RHEL 5 kernel

-- The Merge --

Glauber committed his merged package to rawhide and various folks
jumped in helping with testing and cleaning up various packaging

    kvm : Conflicts with other packages
    /usr/bin/qemu-nbd: conflict with qemu-common-1.0-0.4.svn6666.fc11.x86_64
    problems with qemu scripts
    bochs-bios >= 2.3.8-0.5 is needed by qemu-system-x86-2:0.10-0.9.kvm20090310git.fc11.x86_64
    New qemu package breaks kvm virtualization
    qemu missing some files for kvm support
    qemu-kvm has wrong directory for keymaps

The version included in the F11 Beta release seems in really good
shape considering how significant a change this was.

-- GCC Bug --

Another issue that arose was that latest gcc is breaking plain QEMU. A
patch has been proposed upstream, but it's not in rawhide yet:

     segfault in stw_kernel when qemu is run
     GCC register allocation wrongly using ebp


The sVirt patch set was added to libvirt-0.6.1 and is in the Fedora 11
Beta release:


Some issues remain, but things are looking in pretty good shape, all
things considered.

Some of the related issues include:

    selinux: virt-manager downloaded kernel/initrd cannot be accessed by KVM guest

     Nasty issue where, because virt-manager no longer runs as root,
     kernel and initrd images are readable by qemu because of their
     SELinux label.

     Dan Walsh committed some policy changes to fix this, but
     virt-manager will need to call restorecon on downloaded images.

     Dan also suggested a patch from virt-manager using this
     interesting bit of SELinux functionality:

       $> python
       >>> import selinux
       >>> selinux.selinux_virtual_image_context_path()
       $> cat /etc/selinux/targeted/contexts/virtual_image_context

     SELinux prevented qemu-kvm from reading an LVM logical volume
     LVs created in an existing VG have wrong SELinux label

     Issues around the appropriate labelling of logical volumes used
     for guest installs. Should work better in rawhide.

      Sound card breaks new and existing vm's

      A pulseaudio error caused by sVirt restrictions on guests was
      causing VMs with sound hardware to fail to start. Fixed in
      libvirt by disabling sound hardware if sVirt is enabled.

    AVC denied errors when starting KVM guest

    Another issue cropped up with the selinux changes for
    libvirt 0.6.0. Fix is in F10 now.

Improved Graphical Console

Dan Berrange added a feature page describing the changes made to have
the graphical console be 1024x768 by default and use a USB tablet in
absolute mode rather than a PS2 mouse.


The relevant bugs for each of the improvements are listed on the wiki

These changes will make a huge difference to the user experience with
Fedora virtualization tools. No longer a crappy screen resolution and
no longer schizophrenic mouse behaviour.

One related problem that Dan had to fix was a particularly nasty
'invisible wall' bug in gtk-vnc to do with pointer grabs and relative

     Cursor Movement is Constrained

     A particularly nasty 'invisible wall' bug in gtk-vnc to do with
     pointer grabs and relative mode.

VNC Authentication

Dan Berrange got his VNC SASL authentication patches for QEMU and
backported them to rawhide.

Testing is welcome for this feature, but you'll need to bug Dan about
filling in the "How To Test" section of the feature page first :-)


One problem which has just become apparent is that, in rawhide
currently, we are shipping a snapshot of kvm-userspace.git which
includes the SASL patches. However, when upstream KVM release a
version of kvm-userspace based on qemu-0.10.x, that will not include
the SASL patches. This means the patches will have to be backported
again. Three cheers for confusion!

New virtinst and virt-manager Releases

Cole released a new version of virtinst:


  This release includes:

  - New virt-clone option --original-xml, allows cloning a guest from
    an xml file, rather than require an existing, defined guest.
  - New virt-install option --import, allows creating a guest from an
    existing disk image, bypassing any OS install phase.
  - New virt-install option --host-device, for connecting a physical
    host device to the guest.
  - Allow specifying 'cache' value via virt-install's --disk options
    (Ben Kochie)
  - New virt-install option --nonetworks (John Levon)
  - Lots of backend cleanups and documentation improvements.

and also a new virt-manager release:


  This release includes:

  - Redesigned 'New Virtual Machine' wizard
        (Jeremy Perry, Tim Allen, Cole Robinson)
  - Option to remove storage when deleting a virtual machine.
  - File browser for libvirt storage pools and volumes, for use when
      attaching storage to a new or existing guest.
  - Physical device assignment (PCI, USB) for existing virtual
  - Bug fixes and minor improvements.

Both releases resolve many Fedora bugs and add new and interesting
features, but by far the most user-visible change is the re-designed
'New Virtual Machine' wizard. More details Cole's blog:


I think everyone will agree that this is a huge improvement.

I particularily like the "detect distro" feature where we now make
every effort to try and figure out what OS is being installed rather
than require the user to tell us.


libvirt-0.6.1 was released:


  + New features:
  - new APIs for Node device detach reattach and reset (Mark McLoughlin)
  - sVirt mandatory access control support (James Morris and Dan Walsh)

This is available in rawhide, the F11 Beta and F10
updates-testing. Note, however, that rawhide and F11Beta has quite a
number of fixes not yet in updates-testing.

Tricky Time Troubles

Hans De Goede tracked down a nasty problem with anaconda running under

    Unable to mount filesystem: device /dev/sda1 does not exist

The problem turned out to be that anaconda was sleeping for a single
second to give the kernel time to reload the partition table after
committing changes to a disk.

However, one cannot predict predict how many CPU cycles a virtual
machine will execute in a fixed about of real time. If the host or
other guests are busy, then the guest may be starved of CPU for a

In this case, the kernel was sometimes not getting enough CPU cycles
in the time that anaconda was sleeping and so the partition table
wasn't reloaded. The fix was to use udev_settle so that we could know
for certain when the devices nodes were visible.

Xen Dom0

Michael Young continued posting more Dom0 kernel builds. Gerd has
helped out by builing new versions of the xen userspace package to
work with these kernels.

Upstream recently saw some lively debate on whether the patches should
be include at all:


It's hard to predict these things, but it seems likely the patches
will end up being accepted.

Pasi Kärkkäinen has spent a good deal of time working through various
issues with getting a Dom0 install working.

One problem identified is that /sys/hypervisor was missing
upstream prompting Jeremy Fitzhardinge added a patch to enable that.

Pasi also filed some bugs arising from his testing:

     libvirt "missing source" error message overwritten by "failed to
     build sexpr" error

     Basically, libvirt is giving a useless error message when the
     bridge name for a given network can't be found.

     libvirtd fails to start if pid file exists but init script still
     says it started OK

     libvirt's handling of its PID file isn't quite correct; nasty
     little issue.

Pasi later reported further success:


  Today I was able to run the following on Fedora 10 32bit PAE pv_ops dom0:

   - CentOS 5.3 32bit PAE PV domU
   - Fedora 10 32bit PAE PV domU
   - Use virt-install to install Fedora 10 32bit PAE PV domU


DOOM-O-METER: 192 one month ago, 185 now. Not bad!

The summary of bugzilla activity is seriously long, so I'll try and
categorize things a little:

-- Installer --

     anaconda installs the wrong kernel for i686 xen guests

     danpb confirms this is now fixed because anaconda will always install PAE
     kernels on systems which support it.

     QEMU disks show up in anaconda as UNKNOWN

     Parted needed some smarts to return an appropriate model string
     for virtio disks. Joel Granados came up with a patch to look in
     /proc/devices for "virtblk".

      anaconda "unitialized drive" warning is a little too terrifying

      When virtinst creates a blank disk, anaconda throws up a
      slightly terrifying warning - "YOU WILL LOSE ALL DATA". We
      should be able to make the user experience a tad better here.

      installation of guest fails with encryption

      Looks like yet another anaconda storage-rewrite bug.

      Anaconda eats CPU

      A report that anaconda was stuck in a loop in KVM. Turned out to be
      a simple "poll() on invalid fd" bug in anaconda itself.

-- QEMU --

      qemu package missing debuginfo for qemu-img

      Glauber has a fix which he submitted upstream. Turns out the
      upstream makefile was using "install -s", causing the binary to
      be stripped before find-debuginfo got to it.

      qemu-img crashes creating 5TB qcow2 file
      Integer wraparound creating a large disk image in VPC format

      Dan Berrange reports some issues with qemu's handling of very
      large disks.

      kvm: Build qemu with $RPM_OPT_FLAGS

      Glauber nicely fixed this long-standing issue.

      Update QEMU to use gPXE roms for iSCSI boot support
      Review Request: gpxe - A network boot loader

      Discussion around moving to gPXE option ROMs instead of
      etherboot so as to get iSCSI initiator support during PXE boot.

      The blocking issue here is modifying QEMU to allow more space
      for the large gPXE ROM images.

      block-rw-range-check.patch breaks qcow2
      "Cannot open disk image" when using qcow1

      Our only significant not-upstream qemu patch has finally been
      merged (and fixed) upstream. Yay!

      Fedora11 qemu-kvm installation using qcow2 is not recognizing
      the hard drive

      Another bug filed by IBM folks testing the alpha. Almost
      certainly the same as the qcow2 issue caused by

      no working networking in guests with qemu-kvm

      A transient networking issue reported by Jeremy Katz. Seems to
      have gone away of its own accord.

      Can't use AES encryption in qcow2

      F10 qemu seems to lock up with encrypted qcow2 disks before
      asking for the password. It works fine in rawhide - so long as
      you think of switching to the qemu monitor with Ctrl-Alt-2.

      Need to add subsystem vendor ID for kvm/qemu cirrus card
      xorg should use 1024x768 for kvm/qemu cirrus card

      Now with an F11 host and an F11 guest, xorg's cirrus driver will
      default to 1024x768 instead of 800x600. Woo!

      qemu-kvm segfaults on startup in SDL_memcpyMMX/SSE

      Eduardo tracked down and fixed this nasty crasher in libSDL.

      F10 kvm: network stall with qemu rtl8139 NIC emulation

      People continue to have issues with using RHEL5 and QEMU's
      rtl8139 emulation.

      qemu-kvm not working with evdev giving wrong key mappings

      Finally fixed, it seems. Not clear on the details.

      Adding ac97-module (from qemu-repo)

      ac97 emulation is enabled by default since kvm-84.

-- KVM --

      recent fedora guests in KVM are unstable with kvm-clock and !constant_tsc

      This was fixed a while back by an F10 kernel update, but there
      was some confusion. It sounds like some people may be
      experiencing other KVM hangs which are unrelated to this issue.

      error when hot-unplugging a file-backed virtio disk

      Device 'virtio2' does not have a release() function, it is
      broken and must be fixed.

      Reported against F10, but has since been fixed upstream/rawhide.
      Network transfer from qemu guest machine stalls

      A reported of a virtio_net related hang. May be similar to one
      that was reported on kvm at vger previously.

      Unable to run RHEL-5 Xen within KVM guest

      Dan Berrange reports that F11 has regressed in its ability to be
      able to run the Xen hypervisor inside a guest. It looks to be
      related to KVM's in-kernel IOAPIC emulation.

      Fedora11 Kernel BUG while installing kvm guest os using qcow2

      Some IBM folks testing the F11 Alpha hit this oops during
      installs. We had previously come to the conclusion that this was
      caused by the pvmmu bug reported in #480822.

      kvm: Oops while installing rawhide/x86_64 guest on F-10/x86_64 host (__shrink_dcache_sb()
      2.6.26-0.124.rc9.git5.fc10.x86_64 oops in new_slab in kvm guest

      More dups of the the pvmmu issue that Marcelo previously fixed
      (rh #480822)

      windows server 2003 x64 guest does not poweroff

      QEmu uses 100% of two assigned cores for XP guest

      clalance reports that this issue seems fixed in F11.

      qemu-kvm: samba/smb causes "bad page state" and/or freeze

      F9 vintage KVM oops that seems to have gone away in F11.

      KVM: Intel/VMX: host kernel should support DEBUGCTLMSR=0x1d9

      KVM does not emulate last-branch-recording which causes
      PTRACE_SINGLEBLOCK. Looks like the option is either to implement
      LBR virtualization or have the guest kernel detect that it is
      running on KVM and that the MSR isn't supported.

      Coredump on start when no kvm modules is loaded

      Looks like a bug which was fixed in kvm-80.

-- libvirt --

      adding a new cd-rom device to a KVM guest fails in libvirt

      Looks like a bug with cd-rom hotplug in libvirt.

      Sound under KVM requires exclusive access to the sound device

      Dan Berrange explains why sound has essentially been disabled
      for now in KVM guests.

      Ownership of serial console allow only root access

      If you configure a serial console for a kvm guest in libvirt,
      the console is only accessible by root ... even if it was a user
      other than root that started it.

      libvirt does not do safe replacement of guest/storage
      pool/network config files

      When libvirt writes configuration files to disk, it does not use
      the recommended write-to-tmpfile/flush/sync/close/rename method
      to ensure data safety.

      libnuma: Warning: /sys not mounted or no numa system. Assuming
      one node: No such file or directory

      This annoying warning which I thought had long ago been removed
      had only been removed on F10, not rawhide.

      Useless "domain didn't show up" error when starting a guest with
      too much RAM

      It seems that if you assign too much RAM to a QEMU guest,
      libvirt gives a very unhelpful error message.

      F9 iozone w/ direct I/O performing higher than the raw device

      Resolved by the option to set the disk caching mode in libvirt.

-- virt tools --

      virt-manager (libvirt?) 0.6.1 fails to manage RHEL-5.3 machines

      virt-manager was failing to properly handle old-style <console/>
      when remotely connecting to a RHEL5 Xen host. Fix in the latest
      version of virt-manager.

      virt-viewer jumps workspaces on guest restart with virt-install

      Because virt-viewer is run multiple times by virt-install, it
      can mean that the window moves unexpectedly between workspaces.

      virt-viewer no longer auto adjusts to guest screen size

      Sounds like we have a screen resizing issue during installs with
      rawhide virt-manager/virt-viewer.

      virt-manager displays incorrect number of vcpus

      Strange virt-manager bug artificially limiting the number of
      vcpus allowed. May turn out to be a gtk bug?

      Wrong Ok/Cancel button order in virt-manager cd-rom connect

      Another minor virt-manager bug; easy fix.

      GConf error when starting virt-manager-0.6.1-1.fc10 after "su"
      (works with "su -")

      A weird virt-manager startup failure turns out to be a known bug
      with GConf.

      ConsoleKit doesn't know about vncserver sessions

      Because virt-manager now uses PolicyKit instead of console
      helper, and because ConsoleKit doesn't see vncserver sessions,
      virt-manager only opens read-only libvirt connections when
      running under vncserver.

      virt-manager has hardcoded Requires: PolicyKit-gnome

      Cole fixed in rawhide to require PolicyKit-authentication-agent.

      virt-manager/virtinst should not set a keymap unless one is explicitly requested

      Sounds like keyboard mappings will work correctly because of
      gtk-vnc scancode extension, so long as virtinst doesn't
      explicitly set a keymap.

-- Xen --

      kernel/lockdep.c warning in xen guest boot dmesg

      Fixed upstream in 2.6.29-rc6-git5

-- Misc --

      grub-install doesn't support virtio_blk devices

      What looks like a simple patch to grub-install to make it
      recognise /dev/vd*

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