[fedora-virt] a few comment about the current virt pacakges

Farkas Levente lfarkas at lfarkas.org
Fri May 22 09:23:01 UTC 2009

yesterday i try to rebuild fedora packages for rhel/centos/epel-5 and
i've got a few comments. i try to build these packages:

- first of all i really don't like to trick used in bochs-bios and
etherboot. these can be build on ix86 and has only noarch subpackages.
why not just define as noarch for the main packages and and
exclude/includearch only for ix86? it'd be cleaner and easier. i saw
that you're waiting for a rpm bugfix, but currently (and probably later)
it also won't compile on x86_64 in koji since it's exclude all ix86
packages! what's more it _is_ build on x86_64 just do not create any
result binary rpm which more annoying!

- on the other hand in this case bochs-bios subpackage called
bochs-bios-data (since you can't call it bochs-bios cause of the
above:-( and of course qemu-system-x86 wrongly requires bochs-bios in
stead of bochs-bios-data. it's a bug!

- bochs-bios install only
but qemu requires BIOS-bochs-kvm which not exist anywhere. a link should
have to be create for any of the above file as BIOS-bochs-kvm either in
bochs-bios or in qemu. anyway why bochs-bios pulled out of qemu when
it's also in qemu?

- libvirt BR qemu. why? which require all qemu package which require
openbios-ppc, vgabios, bochs-bios-data, etherboot-*. so this is a
dependency hell. imho it'd be useful to clean up!

- openbios build only for the given arch, but qemu requires all
qemu-system* so it can't be build eg on i386 for i386 since libvirt BR qemu!

- in more package the in the subpackage "Group field must be present in
package", so group name missing:-( and bacuse of this none of openbios,
bochs-bios and etherboot can be build on epel:-(

- this /etc/libvirt/qemu/networks/default.xml makes me crazy. since blow
up my current guest's configs:-(((

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