[fedora-virt] Successful Compile of libguestfs 1.0.31 in Fedora 11

Robert L Cochran cochranb at speakeasy.net
Mon May 25 16:56:03 UTC 2009

I've been looking at the postings here more closely now that I have a 
Ubuntu guest running, and I decided to compile libguestfs-1.0.31 in 
Fedora 11. It took some time for me to get the dependencies installed. 
Question: what packages do I need for the ruby bindings? What package 
represents rake? How about OCaml bindings -- what packages are needed to 
get it to build?

When building this file as part of  `make`:


I got an awesome number of errors related to my not being the root user, 
but I assume those errors are okay since I built as an ordinary user. 
Also the perl documentation process came up with a large number of errors.

After doing `make check` I got this result:

Test boot completed after 10 iterations.
PASS: test-bootbootboot.sh
All 2 tests passed

Am I ready for 'make install' -- is libguestfs built sufficiently well 
for that? Although I would like to get the ruby and OCaml bindings to 



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