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Mark McLoughlin markmc at redhat.com
Mon May 4 16:44:11 UTC 2009

  2009-05-12 Compose & Stage Release Candidate (7 days)

Truly we are in the final countdown to the Fedora 11 release.

This coming Thursday (May 7th) we are holding a Fedora Test Day in an
attempt to fully test all aspects of Fedora's virtualization support.
More below details on how to join in the test day.

Virt Test Day

On May 7th, the Fedora 11 Virtualization Test Day will take place on
#fedora-qa (irc.freenode.net).


  Please join us for the day on #fedora-qa (irc.freenode.net) to help
  with testing Fedora's virt tools, writing test cases, filing bugs and
  debugging issues.

  On the day, you'll have the opportunity to work closely with other
  Fedora developers and contributors to make a real impact on the
  quality of Fedora's virtualization features.

In advance of the test day, a wiki page is being prepared listing the
various areas which will be tested on the day and individual test
cases for each of the test areas:


Currently, the Xen DomU test area has the most comprehensive set of
test cases, but hopefully folks won't be long rectifying that!

Fedora 12

F12 tracker bugs have been created. See the wiki page for more


The F12 blocker and target bugs depend on the F11 counterparts. The
idea is that if we don't fix a bug in F11, it's automatically on the
F12 tracker but we still have a list of bugs worth fixing in a post-GA
F11 update.

Also, dist-f12 now has builds of kvm-85 and libvirt-0.6.3. As soon as
the F11 release has been composed, rawhide will switch to being
composed from dist-f12 and these packages will appear in rawhide.


Dale Bewley has contributed two more excellent virtualization sections
to Fedora Weekly News:


Schroedinger's VM

Jerry James experienced the same confusion many other people must have
had when he went away leaving his kernel compile running in a VM and
came back to find it wouldn't progress unless we was actually watching
the VM window:


  Is this expected?  Do KVM-based VMs have to be looked at to do
  anything?  If so, is there an option somewhere along the lines of

A much more rational explanation was forthcoming :-)


  When using the SDL backend (i.e. instead of qemu-kvm -vnc), if you
  switch workspaces using Ctrl-Alt-Arrow, then SDL tries to grab the
  pointer and fails and keeps retrying until you switch back to the

  Fully gory details, here:



Rich Jones continued his progress with libguestfs and released version
1.0.0 followed by several more release. He also posted a number of
interesting guestfish recipes, demonstrating the power of libguestfs:


Dom0 Kernels

Michael Young posted some updated Dom0 kernel builds:


Dan Berrange reported some success testing these kernels under Xen in
a KVM guest.


DOOM-O-METER: 178 bugs open two weeks ago, 182 this week.


    F11 Beta :: under KVM anaconda detect cdrom media because udev
    doesn't probe for filesystem type

    Further progress was made on figuring out why anaconda fails to
    install packages from DVD media on KVM. The difference from
    baremetal turns out to be that qemu doesn't implement

    Creating new VM; SELinux prevents opening iso image of install

    When starting a VM, sVirt re-labels a disk image with the
    svirt_image_t:MCS label so that only that VM may access the
    image. However, we weren't doing this for readonly images like
    ISOs. Dan Berrange and Dan Walsh worked together to come up with a
    patch to fix this - readonly images will now be re-labelled
    virt_content_t:s0 when the VM is started.

    Virtualization group doesn't pull in qemu or kvm

    When the qemu package was split, we decided to have the
    Virtualization package group install qemu-kvm via a Provides on
    the qemu-system-x86 package. It turns out that yum groupinstall
    will only install packages, not rpm provides. To fix this, it was
    decided to make qemu-kvm a meta-package requiring the
    qemu-system-x86 package.

    pwritev writes ramdom junk

    Very serious data corruptor which thankfully only affects latest
    development qemu upstream. Jakub already has a fix.

    kvm: PTHREAD_PRIO_INHERIT mutexes fail to unlock sometimes
    (canberra-gtk-play crash locks desktop metacity bugbuddy)

    An odd issue whereby PTHREAD_PRIO_INHERIT mutexs fail to unlock on
    i386 KVM guests. Manifests itself as pulseaudio related desktop
    app segfaults.


    qemu qcow2 image corruption

    Gleb pointed out another qcow2 corruption fix upstream and this
    was also included for F11.

    qemu disk image corruption with qcow2/virtio

    QCOW2 image corruption seen with latest Fedora 11 and
    virtio-blk. Also reproducible with the latest upstream qemu-kvm
    stable branch.

    qemu segfaults with "raw_aio_remove: aio request not found!"

    Rich Jones discovered a qemu-kvm segv when using read-only
    images. Patches have been identified upstream and ported to the
    stable branch. We'll pull them into an F12 update in due course.

    QEMU should set CLONE_IO flag when creating any threads

    Dan Berrange suggests that qemu should use CLONE_IO for each of
    its threads so that all qemu threads share the same I/O priority
    so that ionice can be used with qemu.

    Make the /dev/kvm device world accessible to all users by default

    After some discussion with the KVM maintainers, we've concluded
    that we should make /dev/kvm world accessible by default in F12.

    qemu-kvm es1370 sound card emulation segfault
    qemu locks up at shutdown with sdl audio driver

    Debugging issues with qemu's various sound backends continues. It
    looks like the pulseaudio backend might work better for people.


    libvirtd requires restart in order to detect new capabilities like
    KVM support

    Cole has come up with a patch to have libvirtd automatically
    detect if qemu-kvm is installed. Hopefully we'll have this patch
    in before the F12 release.

    LVs created in an existing VG have wrong SELinux label

    svirt fails to relabel qcow2 backing files

    sVirt re-labels images before it starts a guest, but it doesn't
    re-label qcow2 backing files.

    libvirt should own /var/cache/libvirt in spec file

    libvirt not owning this directory causes it to be mislabelled
    which, in turn, causes virDomainPeek() to fail.


    Creating guests where the .iso image is on a NFS share doesn't
    work anymore

    Much discussion on the what svirt needs to do to support images on
    NFS shares.

    Cole resolved this by only warning if selinux labeling appears to
    be wrong.


    [PATCH] add support for virtio_blk devices to grub-install

    Jan ONDREJ came across this problem when testing the preview
    release and prompted Peter Jones to commit this patch.

    Unable to boot Fedora11-Preview

    Jan also reports that on his F10 system, with F11 virt packages,
    he could boot a newly installed F11 Beta guest but not an F11
    Preview guest. It looks most likely to be a grub issue, but this
    has not been reported on an F10 host yet.


    virtio PXE Roms "No IP address"

    Another report of etherboot PXE ROMs failing, but this time it
    seems that virtio is failing as well as e1000.


    Network periodically hangs during install of xen guest

    This problem has magically been resolved.

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