[fedora-virt] Fedora virt status

Mark McLoughlin markmc at redhat.com
Fri Oct 30 16:44:26 UTC 2009

Fedora 12

Fedora 12 Beta slipped by a week, but was released on Oct 20:


We're now in the final countdown to F12 GA. The first release
candidate will be composed next week and, all going well, we should
have a release on November 17.

Thankfully, the virt blocker list is now clear, but if you're looking
to help with making Fedora 12 even better, there's no better place to
start than the F12 target tracker bug:


There's over 100 bugs there that need your help!

Witty Tagline

Dan Berrange has done a great job of coming up with a "witty tagline"
for each of the virtualization feature sets in previous Fedora


    Fedora 11: The walled garden
    Fedora 10: Management at a distance
    Fedora  9: Farewell to old friends
    Fedora  8: Protection from the bad guys
    Fedora  7: The new kid on the block
    Fedora Core 6: Virtualization grows up
    Fedora Core 5: The future is now
    Fedora Core 4: Glimpse of the future

We need a tagline which describes our eclectic mix of features in
Fedora 12. Any ideas?

Fedora Weekly News

Dale Bewley has contributed another bunch of virtualization sections
to Fedora Weekly News:


ABRT and qemu-kvm

It's quite common that we have to ask bug reports to collect a stack
trace for a qemu-kvm segfault.

Is ABRT the future?


  Try this:

    $> yum install --enablerepo=rawhide-debuginfo qemu-debuginfo
    $> yum install -y abrt abrt-cli abrt-addon-ccpp abrt-plugin-logger
    $> service abrtd restart

  then when qemu-kvm crashes, you should be able to do e.g.:

    $> abrt-cli --get-list
    $> echo n | abrt-cli --report $uuid > t.log

Anyone got ideas for a better way to use ABRT to catch virt related
bugs? We could do with adding instructions to:


Got Windows Guests?

Rich Jones has added yet another weird and fantastical feature to
libguestfs ... and he needs your help to check that it works:


  If you have any Windows guests, then you can help Fedora to support
  Windows guests better by spending a few minutes testing the Windows
  Registry feature we just added to libguestfs 1.0.75.

Basically, the new virt-win-reg tool can be used to display entries
from the registry in a Windows guest. How cool is that?


DOOM-O-METER: 198 bugs open four weeks ago, only 186 now!

Ongoing Bugs

== kernel ==

    2.6.30 kernel stopped supporting xattrs on hugetlbfs

    John Cooper is working on getting a patch together for F-12.

    swiotlb should be enabled when VT-d setup fails

    dwmw2 points out that if VT-d setup fails (because e.g. a bad BIOS
    is detected), then we should make sure that swiotlb is still
    enabled. Chris Wright has been working on the fix. All are agreed
    that this shouldn't be considered a release blocker.

    allow userspace to adjust kvmclock offset

    Glauber has patches queued upstream to add new kvmclock ioctls and
    wants them backported to Fedora 12.

    TG3, kvm, ipv6 & tso data corruption bug

    Rik van Riel discovered this TSO6 related issue with the tg3
    driver which is causing traffic from his KVM guest to be

    starting a KVM guest before wireless NIC is brought up results in
    "nf_conntrack: table full, dropping packet."

    Paul Lambert reports that his machine locks up on boot if he sets
    his KVM guest to autostart. It looks like it may be related to the
    wireless connection not being available at that point, but we're
    still pretty far from narrowing the issue down.

== qemu ==

    qemu-kvm segfault caused by -soundhw es1370

    Gene Czarcinski reported this qemu segfault and managed to obtain
    a stack trace for it.

    qemu should set O_CLOEXEC on all file descriptors

    glibc is now forking a ptchown program under certain
    circumstances, and SELinux issues showed that we are leaking file
    descriptors into forked processes. Uli claims we should set
    O_CLOEXEC but Dan, Markus and Kevin disagree.

    KVM guests cannot boot PXE "local"

    This bug was originally reported against Fedora 10, but apparently
    is still a problem in Fedora 12 with gPXE.

    qemu's SDL backend doesn't release the console framebuffer on exit

    Matt Booth discovered this annoyance with qemu's SDL backend.

== libvirt ==

    libvirt can't create storage pool volumes on a FAT32 hard disk -
    'cannot set file owner ... Operation not permitted'

    Reported by Richard Hughes, looks like libvirt's fs storage
    backend just isn't handling this case correctly.

    virsh restore fails - failing to re-label the save file ?

    sVirt related virsh restore failure.

== virtinst ==

    virtinst: Creating LVM volume on QEMU during VM creation fails

    A virtinst traceback during cloning, fixed by Cole upstream but
    needing backporting.

== virt-manager ==

    virt-manager setfacl() fails on filesystems not mounted with the
    'acl' option

    Our solution for "qemu can't access my homedir" was to use setfacl
    to give it access. We're scuppered in the case where users have
    created the filesystem themselves without the 'acl' option listed
    in the defaults. We need a better error message for this case.

    virt-manager: switching VM to fullscreen pins the window to 1st
    virtual desktop

    Stefan Assman is seeing very strange behaviour when trying to use
    virt-manager in fullscreen mode.

    virt-manager locks up frequently using remote connection

    Problem reported by both Matt Booth and Chris Wright.

    Entering a non-numeric capacity creates a volume with 10000 MB

    Another minor virt-manager quirk.

    RFE: virt-manager should provide a means to refresh storage pools

    virsh has a 'refresh-pool' operation, but virt-manager doesn't
    expose it.

    16x16 icon in Virtual Machine Details window
    virt-manager dialog buttons do not follow the HIG
    virt-manager host details window does not honor button_have_icons
    virt-manager accidentally showing tabs in VM details
    virt-manager host details window does not need a menu

    Another bunch of reports of virt-manager UI warts from Michael

    virt-manager storage pool window appears behind dialog

    This annoyance in Fedora 11 reported by James Laska is fixed
    upstream, but needs backporting.

    virt-manager right-click menu for connections should have a
    delete item

    Yet another UI quirk, this time reported by Gianluca Cecchi.

    virt-manager: Storage browser should change window title when
    choosing ISO

    "Choose Volume" was causing some confusion which could be avoided
    if it was changed to "Choose ISO".

== xen ==

    kernel 2.6.31-1[24].fc12 doesn't boot in xen PV guest on 64b host

    Andrew Jones is busy debugging this and has successfully bisected
    the problem down to a specific upstream commit. Some debate in the
    bug as to whether we'd actually slip the release for it. In the
    end, it turned out to be fixed by for unknown reasons.

    2.6.32 boot fails as Xen PV guest with stackprotector

    Andrew also uncovered this issue with the Fedora 13 kernel.

    F11 Xen DomU unstable (2.6.30)

    Reporters seeing consistent Fedora 11 Xen guest lockups, seemingly
    dependant on the clock source.

    kernel backtrace: possible recursive locking detected on Xen domU

    A strange recursive locking warning under Xen which apparently
    doesn't make much sense.

Resolved Bugs

== misc ==

    Add libvirt to Virtualization group

    Somehow when we split libvirt-client from libvirt, we failed to
    make sure that libvirt was still being pulled in by the
    Virtualization package group.

    Mouse does not move in PV Xen guest under RHEL-5.4

    Wrangling of this complex blocker bug continued. Peter Hutterer
    (the evdev maintainer) came up with a way to allow evdev to be
    configured so it works like before. The fixes are now in rawhide.

== kernel ==

    Local migration of kvm guest fails in Fedora12 Alpha

    Marcelo thought this was a pvmmu issue fixed in 2.6.31, but
    apparently not. After some more testing Marcelo now suspects it's
    a kvmclock related issue fixed by Glauber upstream. This is now
    fixed in rawhide.

    Add virtio_blk support cache flush (VIRTIO_BLK_F_FLUSH)

    Justin has pulled this 2.6.32 patch into Fedora 12.

    Backport virtio patches for optimised virtio-net

    We've decided to wait until 2.6.32 for these patches.

== qemu ==

    qemu issue with non-virtio NICs receiving heavy traffic volumes

    Reported by Scott Tsai on the qemu-devel upstream list, patch was
    pulled into Fedora 12.

    KVM guest ext3 errors at shutdown when using virtio and a qcow2
    backing file

    Kevin debugged this, posted a patch upstream suitable for stable
    and we pulled it into F-12.

    qemu-kvm : msrs[] array in kvm_arch_save_regs() too small / may
    cause stack corruption

    Ulrich Obergfell provided this excellent analysis of a savevm
    segfault in Fedora 11. Eduardo sent a fix upstream.

    qemu VNC :: xterm inside VM shows garbled text

    The version of qemu in Fedora 11 appears to have a broken VNC
    CopyRect encoding implementation and this has been seriously
    annoying some users. In the absence of a confirmed fix, we've just
    disabled the encoding for now.

    /etc/init.d/ksm: line 69: [: -eq: unary operator expected

    Minor bug with the ksm initscript now fixed in F-12.

    qemu-common postinstall scriptlet uses getent before it's

    Bruce Jerrick points out this packaging error. Fixed in F-12

    qcow2 performance bad under i/o load

    CLOSED NOTABUG since these were compressed qcow2 images.

    VDE support in qemu?

    CLOSED CANTFIX until someone packages VDE.

    guestfwd option doesn't allow supplementary chardev options like

    Rich Jones points out a problem with the -net user,guestfwd=
    option, but since libguestfs doesn't need it anymore and the new
    -chardev option upstream solves the problem, this is now marked

    qemu-img does not correctly roundtrip data for VPC image format

    This minor issue was caught by the libvirt-TCK test suite. Kevin
    reports that this is NOTABUG, but rather a limitation with the vpc
    file format.

    Add rtl8209 to gpxe-roms-qemu
    Add rtl8209 to etherboot-zroms-kvm
    Guest PXE booting doesn't work when using ne2k_pci NIC model
    Guest PXE booting doesn't work when using ne2k_pci NIC model

    Fixed this in F-11 and F-12.

== libvirt ==

    virsh restore causes libvirtd segfault virExec()

    Dan Berrange identified the recent change that caused this
    regression. Fixed now in Fedora 12.

    Fix memory leak in libvirtd in F12

    An upstream fix which needed backporting to F12.

    libvirt logrotate settings should roll over weekly instead of
    log file sized increased by "compression"

    Two requests to fix logrotate's handling of libvirt's qemu log
    files. Fixed for F-12.

    libvirt fails to start guest on NFS even when sebool virt_use_nfs
    is on

    We never got around to backporting the fix for this to F-11 and
    other users had been reporting it. Now fixed in a F-11 update.

    org.libvirt.manage policy kit denial

    This was due to there being no PolicyKit authentication agent
    running in the session.

== virt-manager ==

    virt-manager should support logical pool enumeration

    Creating a lvm volume group using virt-manager is confusing, but
    Cole has fixed that upstream now.

    virt-manager: Add 'double click to connect' hint to connection
    row tooltip

    Another UI annoyance fixed by Cole upstream.

    virt-manager add storage volume allows an empty name field
    virt-manager toolbar buttons should have tooltips
    virt-manager storage "Allocation" field can be set higher than "Max Capacity"

    Fixed by virt-manager-0.8.0-7.fc12

== xen ==

    Unowned directory /usr/lib64/fs
    missing dependency on PyXML

    Justin Forbes fixed both of these F-12 xen packaging bugs.

    libvirt failed to disconnect and double free crashes on
    F12/rawhide with Xen

    Pasi Karkkainen requested a couple of libvirt xen driver fixes
    from 0.7.2 be backported to Fedora 12.

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