[fedora-virt] please comment on f12 virt release notes

Dale Bewley dlbewley at lib.ucdavis.edu
Tue Sep 8 14:37:53 UTC 2009

(Ugh! I sent this Sunday night, but I misaddressed)

As usual, the next Fedora release has an awesome set of new virt
features! I tried to do them justice when I created a draft of the F12
virt release notes. 

Please revise it or comment on it. The relnotes are scheduled to go to
translators on Tuesday.

I have also created a page to describe the virthide/rawvirt preview repo
and mentioned it in the relnotes. Does that seem wise?

In the past I have listed the new versions of major packages like
libvirt and their new features. There's some pushback on that due to the
overall length of the relnotes and the burden on translators. Some would
prefer a table listing only package version changes at most. 

I did not take the time I should have to prune down the list for F11,
here's a copy:

I think bragging about features is important (especially for "big name"
packages), and it's attractive to new users. I'd like to discuss it with
the docs team and try it again if I can find time, but I would like to
keep the list of highlights short. If you have suggestions for such
highlights or incompatibilities between say

* libvirt 0.6.2 and 0.7.1
* qemu 0.10 and 0.10.91
* xen 3.3.1 and 3.4.1

or anything else please add them to the notes or send them to me. Worst
case it could go in FWN I suppose.


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