[fedora-virt] info on save function in virt-manager

Chris Lalancette clalance at redhat.com
Fri Sep 25 06:50:15 UTC 2009

gianluca.cecchi wrote:
> I confirm that with that version of libvirt I'm able to save my VM (or
> at least the command completes, not tried yet to restore '-)
> Inside the data file saved I can see that there is also the xml config
> for the guest embedded ....
> As the VM is killed at the end of the save, can I then
> - copy the disk(s) of the VM to another host
> - copy the save file to another host
> - restore the save on that secondary host based on the fact that it
> retains the same config?

The answer is "maybe".  If the two machines are exactly the same in every way,
including the paths to storage, the network configuration, the CPUs, then yes,
this will probably work.  Note that this is more-or-less live migration, without
the "live" part.  However, as you found out, if the paths are different, or the
CPUs expose different flags, then chances are this won't work.

Note that there are currently proposals in libvirt to expose a
"least-common-denominator" for CPU, so that you can migrate VMs between two
machines of differing generations and models.  However, there is no code yet.

Chris Lalancette

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