[fedora-virt] [Enforced to uninstall Fedora] Intellectual Property, Brain Copying and Convert-Slum War in Vietnam business

Pham Dac Khanh - Gmail phamdackhanh at gmail.com
Sat Sep 26 14:06:46 UTC 2009

Dear who are concerned,


Criminal political economic network of Vietnam “common properties” government enforced to uninstall Fedora software downloaded from oversea mirrors site and threated If you want to marketing Fedora in oversea location, you have to “down knees”.


Satellite using in commercial communication is popular. One of Vietnam “common properties” government perpetrators, Minister of Defense and their subsidiary corporations, used satellite mind control weapons in Vietnam business to control the consumers and to grow their revenue. See more here  <http://wordpressblog.dakha.com> http://wordpressblog.dakha.com .


I currently do not have a nationality. I am a victim of Convert-Slum war on political business from 2003 till now. Chairman of Vietnam “common properties” government - Nguyen Minh Triet usually threaten to me by satellite mind control weapon that the business is provided for their exclusive party, political economic wing and china refugees in past. Further, I am a victim of Intellectual Property robbing ( brain copying and brain reading) by satellite mind control weapon, a massive destroying weapon. They read my brain and  <http://www.bloglines.com/blog/khanhpham65?id=12> secret business of selling plan. They erased my brain, English skills and knowledge self-learned. Perpetrators tracked my brain each word for re-valuing as perpetrator said  <http://www.bloglines.com/blog/khanhpham65?id=4> the tuition of them are not enough and wanted to collect additional tax in oversea. Vietnam “common properties” government used a lot of open sources and illegal cracked software in business but no organization cost their using, profit and future profit. They copied brain data of CEO, Economic Leader, Specialist, etc to set-up to brain’s their wings. See  <http://tinyurl.com/n4y74z> U.S secret never told and  <http://tinyurl.com/kjzycv> Fortune Profit of PC OS & Anti Virus captured by Vietnam oversea spies. With satellite massive destroying weapons, Vietnam government has been making hidden  <http://www.bloglines.com/blog/khanhpham65?id=10> criminal political economic strategy in wired and wireless network. Vietnam governors have been taking bribes daily. They have been spending bribes to launder in business entities, banks, financial capital, oversea investment and their relative oversea education such car, housing and re-investment. In addition, I was enforced to carry heroin and money laundering for their Vietnam “common properties” government, nation bank and commercial banks. Please see the attached file for statistic of  <http://www.unodc.org/pdf/WDR_2004/volume_2.pdf> drug cultivation and production.


I have been attacking (torturing, harassing, simulating politic economic, sex rape, mind-controlled family treating conflict and business & financial terrorizing). Perpetrators modified the facts of my memory and brain erasing. Perpetrators usually used the animations and voices of U.S well-known people, economic people and politicians during torture and harassing by satellite mind control weapon (television & radio media hacking and dream manipulation), satellite microwave weapon, and directed energy weapon. I was jailed at home and the mind was jailed. I have been not belonging perpetrators government as bellow story. I have been remaining company owner business but perpetrators attempted to terrorize all incomes and end inheritance-blooding marrying relationship. Perpetrators attempted to abuse (paint bad and will notify these backing to) many powerful people including politicians of the moving next countries of perpetrators thought. I am attempting to find and save persuade evidences and I wonder that obtained evidences above are unsure persuade evidences. I attempted to record ultra low/ high frequencies around and sent to Investigation for decoding. Perpetrators attempted to torture me to out of energy and bio-energy of my brain to stop finding brainwave recording equipments. I hope you will help to find the evidences of perpetrators international criminals network. Perpetrators controlled my family to move out of current city for treating to isolate me from where my story and evidences occurred. Following is more information of my story in brief and full. 


Under many years tortured and violated in Vietnam business by satellite mind control and satellite microwave weapon of "Common Properties" Vietcombank and Public's Securities in Vietnam, I could not live like a human. Perpetrators erased my English skills by satellite brain erasing weapon. Because perpetrators did not want me to use English, I had to give up my class in an English Center and gave up studying at home. In 2008, perpetrators used above weapons to enforce me leave some classes that I was studying. Perpetrators tortured and harassed for bribes everyday. Perpetrators attempted to terrorize my finance and business for dropping me down to be out of money step by step and will join their criminals network. I want to tell the torture and violation for bribes in brief as following:- 




- 9/2002: Established food trading company. Business is alright. 


- 2003: Open wider to trading more products. My company opened an account at Vietcombank to make a payment for oversea partners. Vietcombank is possessed of “Common Properties” Government in Vietnam. For that, under-table money for them is certain and non-stop at this level. By “tricks of requesting under-table money”, staffs of Vietcombank requested more under-table money. I also gave money to them but they did not stop at this. What they want are my good-selling products and making profitable for my company. They wanted to eat “all”: money, business and brain data later. After, they purposely harassed my girlfriend in trouble for requesting more money. My girlfriend and I argued together for that. And my girlfriend said “Vietnam country is that: harassing for bribes, pestering for bribes. And do not like them”. She broke-up with me for that harassing action. I was shocked. I was extremely up-set and told the truth to Tuoi Tre newspaper and Thanh Nien newspaper via internet but no any sound responded from them. In disorder status, I did not care that newspapers are from “Common Properties” Party. After I knew that newspapers made a cover of tricking Vietnamese. 


- In the middle of 2003, I was received many notifies of killing by under-cover faces to rob my business. My brain was read by them at that time. I was monitored by under-cover faces or organized gang stalking of Vietcombank. 


- In 2004 to 2009, Vietcombank and their devil hands continuously warned to kill me, brutally torture and sometimes enforced to leave Vietnam. They knew everything about me such as mind, facts in past, memory, plan to do as study abroad, feelings, everything including control my behavior, moto and what to say. Vietcombank’s devil hands are many people of “Common Properties” Public’s Securities. Weapons they used are Satellite Mind Control weapon and Satellite Microwave weapon. These weapon used for warfare. They used satellite microwave weapon to shoot my brain till to be crazy and closing death. They, “Common Properties” Vietcombank and Public’s Securities, are bloodthirsty and brutal devils. They are criminals against to humanity. 

Strait Times Singapore:  <http://www.straitstimes.com/vgn-ext-templating/v/index.jsp?vgnextoid=fa83c5c799905110VgnVCM100000bd0a0a0aRCRD&vgnextchannel=3967758920e39010VgnVCM1000000a35010aRCRD> Here’s a tip: Things in Vietnam work if the price is right

Comment of a Vietnamese in oversea:

As a Vietnamese living overseas, I feel ashamed of the corruption in Vietnam. I do hope Singaporeans who come to do business in Vietnam will set up good examples for local government official and people there. I feel much more ashamed by saying so when Vietnam has to need outside people to help them clean themselves… “What makes the situation worse is that corruption in Vietnam is not discussed openly because of tight state censorship”. Vietnam Communist Government disgraces their people!
Posted by: Danchimviet07 at Mon Sep 17 10:02:55 SGT 2007 


The Japan Times:  <http://search.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/nn20080806a7.html> Four bribes to Vietnam official tied to PCI exec

According to Public Opinion, people fingered bribes in ODA are “Common Properties” Government Chairman Nguyen Minh Triet, “Common Properties” Secretary Le Thanh Hai of their HCMC, “Common Properties” Huynh Ngoc Sy, “Common Properties” Le Qua, Son-in-law of Secretary “Common Properties” Party Nong Duc Manh.


The Financial Times:  <http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/57d45a62-3a84-11de-8a2d-00144feabdc0.html> Gifts of Vietnamese bauxite to china valued billions U.S. dollars

Take Nguyen Tan Dung, Vietnam’s prime minister. He recently spent a week touring China, having, like Mr Sarkozy, travelled for the privilege of a hearing. He brought with him gifts of Vietnamese bauxite, the main raw material for aluminium, humbly beseeching China for investments of up to $15bn in what are the world’s third largest reserves of the ore.




- Weapons : Satellite Mind Control, Satellite Behavior Control, Satellite Brains Communication Network, Satellite Microwave Weapon, Satellite Laser weapon and unknown Weapon. These weapons are also called Directed Energy and Neurological Weapon.  


- Methods :

            a. After reading my brain, they used the persons who have similar body parts or faces to terrorize my mind, my mental sense. Slit my relationship and isolate me alone from society community.

            b. Trapping plan. Then using above weapons to control and affect my mind and behavior. Making decisions in mind for me while I do not know.

            c. When going out and working, they used the weapons (including V2K: voice to skull) to project into my mind for threatening sound and words such as "go away! shit!". Project many strange pictures in mind. Enforce to do next action when looking or seeing a action, otherwise bad-hearted faces appeared and threatened before. And now perps used above weapons. Perps used brains communication network to control many persons to act following their goals whereas controlled persons did not know about this. Perps did that for suppressing and torturing victims.

            d. They torture in mind and do not allow to thinking. When thinking about something, they immediately torture to make a threatening sense.

            e. They projected and shoot microwave (microwave weapon used in military) to my brain. 

            f.  They used other unknown weapons to dis-appear my tongue (to make sense about why report to newspapers for the undertable-money of Vietcombank's staff) and bend round my body. They sucked out the water in my body by a unknown weapon. They sliced/incised my inside-body and sinews with brutal pain but no remaining trace.

            g. Enforce to be a criminal such as selling and carrying heroin, gypsy broker for them (READ MORE ON MY BLOG).

            h. Language erasing: "goodnight" to be come "good and night words" or "look night" or "god light" or something like that. Ear erasing: the same with language erasing. The sound is made by different frequencies rate. Sight erasing: when seeing anything, they threaten and project microwave and project sounds no through ears to brain for making my mind to be crazy. All doing are to make "blind" of seeing, thinking, hearing and understanding.

            i. Sex violation: project sex scenes in mind and sex talking. Then enforced to fuck a gypsy but I denied. Prevented me to marry and have a child. Perps acted as criminals of killing inheritable-blooding.

            j. Private: watch all private things such as toilet, bathing, reproduction organ (penis, head of penis).

            k. Torture and simulate situations about business, religious and politics such as enforcing and threatening implemented by above weapons. Perps attempted to use copied motos of U.S (animations, styles of emotion and voices). politicians and well-knowing people such as Condoleezza Rice, George W. Bush, John McCain, Barrack Obama, Bill Gates and other in Defense to libel the imagines during torture and suppression. Perps injected terrorist data to my brain and made bold-thought to terrorize U.S. Attempting to enforce me to abroad after period of torture. (see daily recording  <http://twitter.com/khanhpham65> http://twitter.com/khanhpham65 or  <http://www.mediafire.com/?jdr5ggm2m1f> download).

            l. Brutal discrimination such as all businesses, women, places and etc are reserved for their wing and favorite races because I was born in middle of Vietnam and for reported action to newspapers referring to the undertable-money/bribes/corruption of Vietcombank's staffs.

            m. All my feelings, seeings and dreaming are catch by them under threatening by above weapons.

            n. One of brain erasing method is when I think example: "Today I am very tired", they project a person named "Mr. Tiree" to appear in brain. And they repeat this action in long period of time.

            o. They torture me 24x7.

            p. They usually rouse me to do a crazy action or illegal action.

            q. After each torture day, they erased my brain.

            r. Their actions are likely Red Khmer criminals. In-humanity, Cruel Actions and Crimes against humanity. 

            s. Enforce and threaten me to go out of my country. I had to go out of Vietnam. I went to Kulalumpur (Malaysia) and I was brutally tortured in a virtual prison. Perps said I am a prisoner of C.I.A. I seldom go out of home and I was jailed in home.  


- Injuries: Any pain in body will take a trip to the brain. The brain is exactly a place to contain all pains that a person feel about. I could not stand their brutal torture. Many times I thought about the death and really want to die. Injured brain and blindness. These tortures could make me to be cancer brain sickness. "Common Properties" Vietcombank and Public's Securities are inhumanity and criminals against human.  


- Wishes: In future, any organization brings Vietcombank wing's devils to ICC (International Criminal Court) is a hope for Vietnam Human Being. Leading many brutal-torture years: Nguyen Phuoc Thanh – Vietcombank, Secretary “Common Properties” Le Thanh Hai, “Common Properties” Minister of Public’s Securities Le Hong Anh, Lead of "Common Properties" Securities Department in their Hcmc Nguyen Chi Thanh and others involved (Minister of Defense “Common Properties” Phung Quanh Thanh, Malaysia government and Chairman of Vietnam government “Common Properties” Nguyen Minh Triet).


Devils of “Common Properties” Vietcombank and Public’s Securities used weapons in warfare (as above) for brutally suppressing and torturing in Vietnam business. After these devils have finished torture, they brain-washed and brain-erased for forgot and no problems as they said. I daily wrote some facts that I could remember. They followed the slogan “eat all” (bribes, robbing business, eat brain: brain-erasing to set-up their data into my brain). They enforced “step by step” me to the death in life by trapping of controlling brain from satellite mind control weapon. And they connected with Malaysia Government to brutally torture inhumanity in Kula Lumpur. I was in prison in Malaysia established by “Common Properties” Vietcombank and Public’s Securities. During brutally torture, they called this is C.I.A prison and some of them came from Washington D.C. I am only a business owner in a trading company and surely not involved to any U.S policies and not came to U.S yet. After escaped and backed in Vietnam, I was daily tortured 24 hours a day and 7 days a week by behavior control & moving/motor control of satellite mind control weapon and terrorized by satellite neurological weapon. Killing victim to be death all when they set-up/ inject other brain data to my brain. And I will never be me and they removed my family love out me. They could boost up the brain and when they release I unlike a human with suspend thinking. Daily I was stood by dirty words, slandering & reviling from them and enforced to leave Vietnam for releasing the business on hand to them and their “che^ch or ta`u”, chinese who were asylum seekers in Vietnam in past. Night and day, they set-up/ injected to make “bold-thought” for affirming that Saigon is their “che^ch”. “When their sons went abroad and called ‘what relative-blooding oversea Vietnamese is!’ without ashamed. Enforced to leave Vietnam and after that said ‘what relative-blooding Vietnamese!’”. So why object Exclusive “Common Properties” Vietnam Party while they robbed and brutally suppressed Vietnamese in my country.


Please read my full story and more information in my blog (including videos and frequencies recorded):  <http://wordpressblog.dakha.com/> http://wordpressblog.dakha.com.


It will be greatly appreciated for your reply on above.


Best regards,


Khanh Dac Pham


Dakha Co., Ltd 

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Yahoo Id & MSN: khanhpham65 

Videos:  <http://www.youtube.com/khanhpham65> http://www.youtube.com/khanhpham65

Internet: ADSL is death. And I have changed to a prison adsl provider EVN with many nearby IPs attacking and hacking to my computer. The former general director of this provider was arrested because of bribing and bumming.










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