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Re: pt_BR translations on the wiki, and more

Thomas Chung wrote:
Hi Hugo,


We need *translation* not an *independent* content on different languages on our
official fedora websites - http://fedora.redhat.com and http://fedoraproject.org

If you need to be put *independent* content, then I would suggest to setup *independent*
web site with Fedora Logo upon approval.

This is the question to discuss, why not put some new content in other languages? After analyizing the content, one could translate to english too. That's the same method, but in another order. Instead of English -> OtherLanguage, it is OtherLanguage -> English.

In the past I saw many people fighting for ownage of "affiliated" sites in various projects. So I began to think: why not agregate the content in the already functional oficial sites, where everyone could help and some people already have the know-how to administrate and mantain, instead of creating another one filiated, and reinvent the wheel? After all, it's *Fedora content*.

Just a thought.

Thomas Chung


"Talk is cheap. Show me the code." - Linus Torvalds

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