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Re: pt_BR translations on the wiki, and more

On 2/9/06, Karsten Wade <kwade redhat com> wrote:
On Thu, 2006-02-09 at 15:38 -0200, Hugo Cisneiros wrote:
> Thomas Chung wrote:
> > Hi Hugo,
> Hi,
> > We need *translation* not an *independent* content on different languages on our
> > official fedora websites - http://fedora.redhat.com and http://fedoraproject.org
> >
> > If you need to be put *independent* content, then I would suggest to setup *independent*
> > web site with Fedora Logo upon approval.
> This is the question to discuss, why not put some new content in other
> languages? After analyizing the content, one could translate to english
> too. That's the same method, but in another order. Instead of English ->
> OtherLanguage, it is OtherLanguage -> English.

I definitely want to see this with other documentation.  It should not
matter what the source language is, as long as we have the ability to
translate it.

However, the Wiki is special, and I'm glad you brought this here to

For every language that is adding original, language specific content,
we need >1 editors who watch that content.  With the formal
documentation, we can get editors from each language to approve the
content for publishing.  That process needs to be in place for each non-
English language for the Wiki, just like it is for the English portions.

For example:


Because I am a very curious person, what exactly is 'SexCitationsTecken' supposed to mean in English.

Bob noticed this one last week from a search for "java".  Investigation
shows that i) it does not have an author stamp at the bottom,

Any reason why the wiki itself doesn't show who the initial editor was, along with the current information about the most recent edit? If not, could this be added?

ii) it's
last edited was a long time ago, and iii) the term SexCitationsTecken
gets many google hits across various Wikis.  We can therefore conclude
that it must be a Wiki-specific piece of information.

But in English, it looks like a pr0n Website defacement.

I propose that each language that wants to put original content on any
formal Fedora site, regardless of Wiki, XML, etc., needs to have the

* 2 or more editors who watch all contributions, in the native language
  - we are currently at greater risk for unwanted mentions of how to
install mp3 players, but over time we'll attract defacements

* 1 or more translators who carry the content over to the English side
of the Wiki.

* Native language contributors who allow the above people to do their

The editors/translators need to have established trust with the Fedora
project, to know that they understand what and why content is forbidden,
and that they will be accountable.

I went through the entire setup to become a contributor process, but I can't remember seeing a list of these  forbidden content. It woudl good if this  could be more obvioous to editors. A declaration of expected content for the wiki would be nice.

- Karsten

Good idea all in all however.
As a boy I jumped through Windows, as a man I play with Penguins.
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