Meeting Minutes - 2006-01-17

Patrick Barnes nman64 at
Wed Jan 18 08:42:11 UTC 2006

== Present ==


== Notes ==

 * The transition
 We're making the primary Fedora site.  We now have a
note on  This move is being conducted because of the
success of in surpassing as a robust
and up-to-date Fedora resource.  The remaining static content from we want moved to in our upcoming CMS

 * CMS Decision
 We need to select a CMS solution to use on to handle
more static content and documents we want on a real workflow. has details covering current
thinking.  If we can discuss this on-list and come to agreement on the
direction we want to move, we'll begin setting up for testing. 
Zope+Plone seems to be gaining preference.  We may also want to include
a gallery add-on until a real solution for is
ready.  If we don't want Plone, we can use Zope 3 instead of Zope 2,
which has performance and future-proof advantages.  See the above listed
page for more information; send feedback to the list.

 * Gallery
 ArthurPemberton will be working on implementing an artwork gallery for, using DianaFong's designs as a reference for the
appearance.  This will likely involve a lot of work, so volunteers are
welcome to help.  Until this is ready, we'd like to come up with a
temporary solution in our CMS.  If we select a solid framework for our
CMS, Arthur could work within that to save some work.

 * Weekly Report
 BobJensen and HrishikeshBallal have agreed to take up writing the
Websites weekly report.  They're both very busy, so any other volunteers
are welcome to step up and offer assistance.

 * Fedora Journal
 RahulSundaram has introduced, which is to provide a
resource for Fedora similar to Red Hat Magazine.  He hopes to bring this
under the Fedora Project umbrella and coordinate this effort with some
of the other news efforts.

In a bit of an uncharacteristic display, `EvilBob` grew a heart and
wished everyone a happy new year to end our story.  Well, Bob, happy new
year to you, too.

Thank you all for your participation and interest.  Details for our next
meeting can be found at -- I
know that many of you couldn't work with the time we had chosen.  If we
would like to rotate times (which I think would be a nice idea), let's
quickly discuss what kind of a rotation would work best for everyone.


Patrick "The N-Man" Barnes
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