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Meeting Minutes - 2006-01-17

== Present ==


== Notes ==

 * The fedoraproject.org transition
 We're making fedoraproject.org the primary Fedora site.  We now have a
note on fedora.redhat.com.  This move is being conducted because of the
success of fedoraproject.org in surpassing fedora.redhat.com as a robust
and up-to-date Fedora resource.  The remaining static content from
fedora.redhat.com we want moved to fedoraproject.org in our upcoming CMS

 * CMS Decision
 We need to select a CMS solution to use on fedoraproject.org to handle
more static content and documents we want on a real workflow.
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Websites/CMS has details covering current
thinking.  If we can discuss this on-list and come to agreement on the
direction we want to move, we'll begin setting up for testing. 
Zope+Plone seems to be gaining preference.  We may also want to include
a gallery add-on until a real solution for art.fedoraproject.org is
ready.  If we don't want Plone, we can use Zope 3 instead of Zope 2,
which has performance and future-proof advantages.  See the above listed
page for more information; send feedback to the list.

 * Gallery
 ArthurPemberton will be working on implementing an artwork gallery for
art.fedoraproject.org, using DianaFong's designs as a reference for the
appearance.  This will likely involve a lot of work, so volunteers are
welcome to help.  Until this is ready, we'd like to come up with a
temporary solution in our CMS.  If we select a solid framework for our
CMS, Arthur could work within that to save some work.

 * Weekly Report
 BobJensen and HrishikeshBallal have agreed to take up writing the
Websites weekly report.  They're both very busy, so any other volunteers
are welcome to step up and offer assistance.

 * Fedora Journal
 RahulSundaram has introduced fedorajournal.org, which is to provide a
resource for Fedora similar to Red Hat Magazine.  He hopes to bring this
under the Fedora Project umbrella and coordinate this effort with some
of the other news efforts.

In a bit of an uncharacteristic display, `EvilBob` grew a heart and
wished everyone a happy new year to end our story.  Well, Bob, happy new
year to you, too.

Thank you all for your participation and interest.  Details for our next
meeting can be found at http://fedoraproject.org/Websites/Meetings -- I
know that many of you couldn't work with the time we had chosen.  If we
would like to rotate times (which I think would be a nice idea), let's
quickly discuss what kind of a rotation would work best for everyone.


Patrick "The N-Man" Barnes
nman64 n-man com

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Jan 17 13:07:05 nman64	<meeting>
Jan 17 13:07:15 nman64	Welcome, everyone, to the first Fedora Websites meeting.
Jan 17 13:07:28 nman64	We'll start off by touching on the small number of items on the agenda:
Jan 17 13:07:31 dfong	cool...should I be cc-ing DoubleOTeC?
Jan 17 13:07:38 nman64	http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Websites/Schedule
Jan 17 13:07:46 pembo13	dfong: I think yes
Jan 17 13:08:01 nman64	1. Better publicity on the fedoraproject.org transition.
Jan 17 13:08:10 mether	pembo13, why dont we get everyone subscribed to the list instead
Jan 17 13:08:35 nman64	This was originally brought up on fedora-list.  A few people were left wondering what had happened after the fedora.redhat.com change in early December.
Jan 17 13:08:36 pembo13	mether, DoubleOTeC is subscribed to the list, to the best of my knowledge
Jan 17 13:08:59 nman64	We've since updated fedora.redhat.com to include a note about the change.
Jan 17 13:09:18 *	quaid is lurking, too, mether 
Jan 17 13:09:19 nman64	For anyone who is wondering, the decision has been made to transition to fedoraproject.org as the main site.
Jan 17 13:09:34 nman64	We've already mostly accomplished that.
Jan 17 13:09:44 pembo13	nman64: out of cruiousity, what promted the move?
Jan 17 13:09:54 tchung	nman64, any target date yet?
Jan 17 13:10:06 nman64	The transition is largely due to the outstanding success in bringing new content into the wiki.
Jan 17 13:10:24 nman64	It now serves as a more complete and up-to-date source of information than fedora.redhat.com ever was.
Jan 17 13:10:34 pembo13	ok great
Jan 17 13:10:56 nman64	This is largely an 'as we can' type of transition, so no final target date has been set to say 'it's done.'.
Jan 17 13:11:20 nman64	This will be an ongoing effort for sometime, and is largely depended upon our next item.
Jan 17 13:11:50 nman64	2. Decide on a CMS.
Jan 17 13:12:12 nman64	We want to set up a new CMS on the fedoraproject.org site, to compliment the wiki.
Jan 17 13:12:34 tchung	so, it will not replace current wiki?
Jan 17 13:12:36 nman64	We want something that can serve more static content with a more defined workflow.
Jan 17 13:12:40 nman64	No, it won't
Jan 17 13:13:10 nman64	If, in the distant future, the CMS happens to replace most/all content on the wiki, then the wiki might be dropped, but this is not currently the goal.
Jan 17 13:13:16 mether	ok one thing that I havent understood
Jan 17 13:13:36 mether	what is preventing us from setting a redirect from f.r.c
Jan 17 13:13:41 mether	to fedoraproject.org immediately
Jan 17 13:13:57 nman64	We want static content that can be easily frozen for translation, and doesn't change much.
Jan 17 13:14:00 mether	and then link back to f.r.c cvs and other stuff where appropriate
Jan 17 13:14:12 mether	instead of presenting
Jan 17 13:14:16 nman64	fedora.redhat.com provides the most critical information in a manner that is very easy to keep ahead of.
Jan 17 13:14:16 mether	two different web sites
Jan 17 13:14:35 nman64	We want to do a better job of this, and that is part of where the CMS comes in.
Jan 17 13:14:39 mether	so there is a obsolute necessity to choose a cms before the move?
Jan 17 13:15:01 nman64	We need to have a way to manage the static content properly on fedoraproject.org before the move can take place.
Jan 17 13:15:12 mether	ok
Jan 17 13:15:23 mether	so we are translating the web site itself in f.r.c
Jan 17 13:15:28 nman64	We also don't want to completely uproot fedora.redhat.com without having a replacement for it.
Jan 17 13:15:38 nman64	mether: That is the idea we're trying to enable, yes.
Jan 17 13:15:39 mether	what static content is being needed specifically?
Jan 17 13:15:46 quaid	updating f.r.c sucks
Jan 17 13:15:49 quaid	why carry suckage over?
Jan 17 13:16:14 nman64	Enough content to describe what Fedora is, to allow users to access Fedora materials and releases, and to point users to the most valuable resources.
Jan 17 13:16:37 mether	besides a mirror list and some cvs stuff whats the hold back here?
Jan 17 13:16:49 quaid	we also need to consider that some links on f.r.c have googlejuice and can't be redirected to the top of fp.o so easily
Jan 17 13:17:05 quaid	s/some/many/
Jan 17 13:17:16 mether	do we have a list of them?
Jan 17 13:17:32 quaid	Results 1 - 10 of about 7,630 linking to CI9CpbgWO6UJ:fedora.redhat.com/
Jan 17 13:17:34 mether	we already broke many links in f.r.c to my understanding
Jan 17 13:17:40 nman64	There are also certain infrastructure concerns there.  We really want something new and better for fedoraproject.org, we don't want to move the infrastructure we currently have.
Jan 17 13:18:04 mether	ok. so moving on
Jan 17 13:18:12 mether	what are the considerations for the cms systems
Jan 17 13:18:19 mether	what options are available in python
Jan 17 13:18:22 nman64	There is a page set up to track various suggestions: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Websites/CMS
Jan 17 13:18:40 nman64	All requested features, suggestions, tips, feedback, etc. should be dumped there.
Jan 17 13:18:45 ignacio|School	Let's drop PyLucid. It doesn't look anywhere near ready.
Jan 17 13:18:55 mether	looks like zope is the only option there nman64
Jan 17 13:18:57 tchung	Is everything except durpal based on python?
Jan 17 13:19:02 mether	tchung, yes
Jan 17 13:19:26 mether	custom tools are not scalable
Jan 17 13:19:28 nman64	We don't need to open the PHP vs. Python discussion, but Python is by far the preferred solution.
Jan 17 13:19:39 mether	either it is zope+plone - 2
Jan 17 13:19:42 mether	or zope 3
Jan 17 13:19:50 mether	thats the discussion we need to have. right?
Jan 17 13:19:53 pembo13	nman64: I aggree in that choosing a language and sticking to it is the best way
Jan 17 13:19:57 nman64	The only advantage of Zope 2 is Plone.
Jan 17 13:20:15 nman64	If we don't want Plone, we want Zope 3.
Jan 17 13:20:48 tchung	I'm sorry, I'm familiar with Plone. What does it do?
Jan 17 13:20:57 nman64	Discussion so far has been leaning in the direction of Zope, since Drupal differs from the technologies we currently use and has certain concerns, and the other Python solutions are just flat insufficient.
Jan 17 13:20:58 tchung	sorry I meant "I'm NOT"
Jan 17 13:21:05 nman64	http://www.plone.org/
Jan 17 13:21:09 ignacio|School	Alright, must jet. Later.
Jan 17 13:21:14 nman64	It is a complete CMS framework built on Zope.
Jan 17 13:21:32 *	ignacio|School has quit ("Next time, meeting more than 30 minutes before class, please...")
Jan 17 13:21:48 mether	ok nman64 are you familiar with zope 2+ plone as well as zope 3
Jan 17 13:22:06 mether	who is installing + maintaining fedoraproject.org cms stuff
Jan 17 13:22:06 nman64	mether: I am more familiar with Zope 2 and Plone than with Zope 3.  ;-)
Jan 17 13:22:07 mether	going ahead?
Jan 17 13:22:19 mether	who owns fedoraproject.org now?
Jan 17 13:22:31 nman64	We now have control of the fedoraproject.org DNS.
Jan 17 13:22:54 nman64	The box that powers it is still under Seth Vidal's control, but he is working to allow access through the Account System.
Jan 17 13:23:02 EvilBob	fp.o is owned by the foundation
Jan 17 13:23:25 nman64	We have a new box that fedoraproject.org is going to be moved to, and we are looking at combining that move and the CMS set up in one process to make things move more smoothly.
Jan 17 13:23:52 mether	fedoraproject.org is hosted in which place currently? is it going to move over into RH infrastructure?
Jan 17 13:24:08 nman64	It is currently hosted with Seth's boxes at Duke.
Jan 17 13:24:34 mether	and is it going to remain the same? do we have any external backups?
Jan 17 13:24:36 nman64	The hardware will, I believe, remain there, but the Fedora Infrastructure team will have control of it.
Jan 17 13:25:00 nman64	s/will/does/
Jan 17 13:25:27 nman64	The backup solution we use will probably be partially based upon what technology solutions we use.
Jan 17 13:25:43 mether	are there plans to have external site backups?
Jan 17 13:25:45 nman64	Generally speaking, the unique components of the assorted Fedora systems are managed in CVS.
Jan 17 13:26:11 nman64	That CVS repository serves as a central point for management and backups.
Jan 17 13:26:23 *	cygnus2936 (n=cygnus29 83-70-234-222 b-ras1 prp dublin eircom net) has joined #fedora-websites
Jan 17 13:26:27 quaid	is that a requirement on the CMS, to operate with CVS?
Jan 17 13:26:31 nman64	In addition, critical components are backed up on a regular basis.
Jan 17 13:26:57 nman64	quaid: No.
Jan 17 13:27:18 nman64	We will manage it in whatever manner we have to.
Jan 17 13:27:23 quaid	shouldn't it be?
Jan 17 13:27:38 quaid	we would then have two sources of content, the CMS database and CVS
Jan 17 13:27:44 nman64	quaid: That is among the alternate possibilities for our needs.
Jan 17 13:27:50 mether	quaid, its desirable i guess but not a mandate I believe
Jan 17 13:27:50 quaid	why not just one?  the CMS could use the versioning control of the SCM
Jan 17 13:28:11 mether	nman64, does plone have any capabilities to do scm stuff?
Jan 17 13:28:27 nman64	Zope has version management abilities.
Jan 17 13:28:42 nman64	Plone inherits those aspects from Zope.
Jan 17 13:28:47 quaid	sure, that's part of the definition of a CMS
Jan 17 13:28:50 tchung	quaid, found it at http://plone.org/documentation/tutorial/best-practices/source-code-management/?searchterm=scm
Jan 17 13:29:28 mether	nman64, so who is going to do the actual installation of cms in the fp.org box
Jan 17 13:29:35 nman64	Both Zope and Plone each support extension through 'Products' to add new capabilities or change existing function.s
Jan 17 13:29:42 *	StillBob has quit (No route to host)
Jan 17 13:29:50 nman64	mether: Members of the Infrastructure team, likely including myself.
Jan 17 13:30:22 mether	nman64, who else is in the infrastructure team
Jan 17 13:30:53 mether	nman64, if we are selecting a cms, the familiarity of the cms systems to the infrastructure team is the primary consideration IMO
Jan 17 13:31:00 nman64	Many of the most familiar faces.  Elliot Lee, Seth Vidal, Mike McGrath, Luke Macken, and several others.
Jan 17 13:31:18 mether	if the infrastructure team clearly favors a particular cms system
Jan 17 13:31:25 mether	then the choice is already made there
Jan 17 13:31:59 mether	in fact why dont we combine the websites and infrastructure meetings?
Jan 17 13:32:01 nman64	Within Infrastructure's talent pool, quite a few options are available, including Zope 2/3 and Plone, Drupal, generic CVS systems, etc.
Jan 17 13:32:05 tchung	it sounds like the decision should be made by them than us.
Jan 17 13:32:13 mether	tchung, precisely
Jan 17 13:32:23 pembo13	agreed
Jan 17 13:32:39 nman64	The Infrastructure team is ready to handle whatever is requested, so we get to say 'this has what we need, we want it.'
Jan 17 13:32:44 mether	we go on a tangent and tell them to install some stuff they are not familiar with, its not going to help
Jan 17 13:33:01 mether	they do the work required. they get to decide what is what
Jan 17 13:33:29 quaid	tchung: that tutorial just discusses how to use an SCM when doing development on Plone code
Jan 17 13:33:45 nman64	Elliot and I agreed to give this decision to Websites.  The talent is there to handle any of the options discussed so far.
Jan 17 13:33:59 tchung	quaid, ok. as I said I'm not familar with Plone.
Jan 17 13:34:24 mether	nman64, so how much is the advantage of using plone over plain zope?
Jan 17 13:34:37 mether	nman64, is the data stored in databases or plain text
Jan 17 13:34:42 nman64	Plone has more complete CMS capabilities than just Zope does.
Jan 17 13:34:46 mether	can you summarise this stuff briefly
Jan 17 13:35:13 nman64	Zope provides a complete virtual filesystem, using assorted content types, that handle all things internal to Zope.
Jan 17 13:35:43 nman64	Effectively, the information is in a database, but that data can be accessed in a manner similar to if it were in plain text.
Jan 17 13:36:10 nman64	To the end-user, there is no difference, of course.
Jan 17 13:36:30 nman64	Plone provides a complete WYSIWYG editor, and a plain HTML editor.
Jan 17 13:36:50 nman64	It is also equipped with a "safe HTML" converter, to avoid certain kinds of abuse.
Jan 17 13:36:55 tchung	nman64, yes we need good editor.
Jan 17 13:37:12 mether	ok
Jan 17 13:37:14 nman64	You can also use 'External Editor' options, which allow you to use client-side tools.
Jan 17 13:37:25 pembo13	this may or may not be possible right now, but I think it would be a good idea to have a CMS solution that can be converted to an offline download which could be included in the FC isos
Jan 17 13:37:28 mether	so if we decide to use zope+ plone now how hard is it to migrate later?
Jan 17 13:37:42 mether	to zope 3 or get the raw content out of the system
Jan 17 13:37:47 mether	for another cms system
Jan 17 13:37:50 nman64	The content of the pages is raw HTML, and can be extracted easily.
Jan 17 13:38:03 mether	so we have a easy opt out?
Jan 17 13:38:09 nman64	Yes.
Jan 17 13:38:13 mether	ok
Jan 17 13:38:22 mether	how hard is migrating from zope 2 to zope 3
Jan 17 13:38:32 mether	any ideas on that
Jan 17 13:38:47 nman64	While I have not yet conducted such a migration, I have been informed that it is very easy.
Jan 17 13:39:09 nman64	If Plone were to become available for Zope 3, it would likely be a simple process to upgrade.
Jan 17 13:39:19 mether	ok. cool.
Jan 17 13:39:33 pembo13	sorry, i have to leave for a class in 5 minutes
Jan 17 13:39:45 mether	are there are any art gallery modules for zope 2+ plone
Jan 17 13:39:54 mether	pembo13, thats fine. we can follow up on list anytime
Jan 17 13:39:57 pembo13	mether, not that I have found as yet
Jan 17 13:39:59 mether	pembo13, do read the meeting mins
Jan 17 13:40:04 tchung	so far, we are toward zope 2 + plone then later we upgrade to zope 3 when plone is supported.
Jan 17 13:40:06 pembo13	will leave my irc client on
Jan 17 13:40:11 mether	pembo13, ok
Jan 17 13:40:32 mether	ok what advantages does zope 3 has over zope 2?
Jan 17 13:40:33 nman64	I am not sure what true gallery options are available, but Plone has some nice photo management abilities.
Jan 17 13:40:58 nman64	Zope 3 has a more advanced interface system (for development) and is the newer technology.
Jan 17 13:41:07 pembo13	nman64: art.fedoraproject.org requires a bit more that just a gallery app IMHO, i may be wrong
Jan 17 13:41:15 mether	nman64, how much development time has zope 3 over zope 2
Jan 17 13:41:22 nman64	It should be faster and more scalable, but I'm not aware of any distinct advantages that would sway me.
Jan 17 13:41:32 mether	pembo13, thats true. I am talking about temporary solutions here
Jan 17 13:41:36 nman64	Zope 3's initial release was in summer '05.
Jan 17 13:41:40 pembo13	mether, just had to clarify
Jan 17 13:42:02 mether	nman64, can we stage up zope 2+ plone+ a gallery module now and then see how well it works for a week or so
Jan 17 13:42:07 mether	before doing the transition
Jan 17 13:42:31 nman64	We could probably manage that.
Jan 17 13:42:36 mether	i want to check this out and use it for a while
Jan 17 13:42:41 mether	and then see how well it works
Jan 17 13:42:44 mether	before moving over
Jan 17 13:42:52 mether	Bob-Laptop, what is the cms that you were using?
Jan 17 13:42:58 mether	Bob-Laptop, joomla right?.
Jan 17 13:43:09 mether	we better stay away from that, whatever it is ;-)
Jan 17 13:43:22 nman64	I'm really hoping we can get some discussion going on-list and come to a decision on what we want to try for the next meeting, after which we will start setting up for testing.
Jan 17 13:43:35 mether	there is no other people
Jan 17 13:43:39 mether	involved in the discussion nman64
Jan 17 13:43:42 EvilBob	mether: right now yes
Jan 17 13:43:43 nman64	Bob* is experimenting with Zope+Plone for Fedora Unity now.
Jan 17 13:43:51 nman64	I helped him get it set up last night.  ;-)
Jan 17 13:43:56 mether	we stage it now, check it for a week or two
Jan 17 13:43:56 EvilBob	mether: we will be moving to zope+plone
Jan 17 13:44:02 mether	and go for it
Jan 17 13:44:16 mether	post the meeting mins and rationale now and get started IMO
Jan 17 13:44:47 pembo13	guys, i have to leave now, I will be leaving my irc client on so I can readup when i get back, peace
Jan 17 13:44:58 mether	pembo13, we are almost done. good bye
Jan 17 13:45:08 nman64	I'll bring the results of this meeting up for Infrastructure's review.
Jan 17 13:45:14 nman64	Let's move on.
Jan 17 13:45:25 nman64	3. Find a gallery solution
Jan 17 13:45:41 mether	pembo13, is working on
Jan 17 13:45:43 nman64	If we can come up with something in our CMS, that would be nice.
Jan 17 13:45:45 tchung	looks like we only have one candidate
Jan 17 13:45:57 mether	my idea is to set up a gallery module in place
Jan 17 13:46:02 nman64	Indeed.
Jan 17 13:46:05 mether	till pembo13 comes up with a alternative
Jan 17 13:46:17 mether	we dont want to hang out on this forever
Jan 17 13:46:30 EvilBob	sorry I got pulled in to a meeting here so I will have to read the log
Jan 17 13:46:36 nman64	If original development is to be done, we could probably also do that on the Zope framework to integrate the two.
Jan 17 13:46:41 mether	I would like to see some project activity and community contest on the artwork for the next release
Jan 17 13:46:44 mether	of FC6
Jan 17 13:46:45 tchung	Let's set Target Date for CMS decision
Jan 17 13:47:01 mether	we didnt have time to do it for FC5 and dfong did the work which turned out very well
Jan 17 13:47:22 mether	but we need more active community involvement going forward and a gallery module is key part of this effort
Jan 17 13:47:37 nman64	tchung: Consider it the next meeting.  After testing, we can discuss further.
Jan 17 13:47:49 nman64	mether: I agree.
Jan 17 13:48:00 mether	tchung, one week of testing. decide on next meet.
Jan 17 13:48:02 tchung	nman64, can you update the wiki?
Jan 17 13:48:22 nman64	I'll be doing some full updating to the Websites wiki later today.
Jan 17 13:48:31 mether	is there anything else left to talk?, do others have a few more mins to spare?
Jan 17 13:48:31 tchung	ok
Jan 17 13:48:47 nman64	That concludes our agenda, so the floor is open.
Jan 17 13:48:52 tchung	I'll be around until 12:00 pm PST
Jan 17 13:48:53 mether	I would like to discuss a couple of other stuff if you guys have time
Jan 17 13:48:53 EvilBob	I just got here, trying to read the buffer
Jan 17 13:48:59 mether	Ok
Jan 17 13:49:01 mether	one thing that I want somoene in this team to do is write up weekly reports for websites and infrastructure teams
Jan 17 13:49:18 mether	We have this effort on place - > http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Projects/WeeklyReports
Jan 17 13:49:33 mether	and I want regular weekly reports from all the sub projects in Fedora
Jan 17 13:49:34 tchung	Well, I nominate nman64 :)
Jan 17 13:50:10 tchung	since he's on both team.
Jan 17 13:50:11 nman64	tchung: My plate is full.  I'd be happy to act as a backup, but I'd like to see another volunteer step forward on this.
Jan 17 13:50:16 mether	what i expect is expanded here
Jan 17 13:50:17 mether	https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-docs-list/2006-January/msg00091.html
Jan 17 13:50:39 cygnus2936	i can do it in a bit
Jan 17 13:50:40 nman64	I'll solicit for an Infrastructure volunteer.
Jan 17 13:50:45 cygnus2936	i am in the process of moving
Jan 17 13:50:55 cygnus2936	but once my net is setup, i can help
Jan 17 13:51:25 EvilBob	nman64: I can author if you are feeding the info also
Jan 17 13:52:07 nman64	Thanks, guys.
Jan 17 13:52:21 nman64	We'll take that further on-list.
Jan 17 13:52:21 EvilBob	cygnus2936: want to see what we can do together?
Jan 17 13:52:27 cygnus2936	sure
Jan 17 13:52:30 mether	cygnus2936, http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Projects/WeeklyReports/Template
Jan 17 13:52:33 mether	EvilBob,
Jan 17 13:52:36 mether	see this template
Jan 17 13:52:41 mether	sign up as report authors
Jan 17 13:52:42 EvilBob	mether: will do
Jan 17 13:52:58 mether	you can start writing the report anytime you want
Jan 17 13:53:06 mether	i just need a string freeze every friday
Jan 17 13:53:09 mether	published on monday
Jan 17 13:53:22 cygnus2936	it will be atleast 10 days.. till then it will be a bit patchy
Jan 17 13:53:24 EvilBob	reports due on friday published monday...I can deal with that
Jan 17 13:53:27 mether	we already have the next report going on
Jan 17 13:53:29 mether	http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Projects/WeeklyReports/2005-Jan-23
Jan 17 13:53:39 tchung	mether, I'll save a section on FWN for WeeklyReports. :)
Jan 17 13:53:48 mether	so go ahead and add your details anytime
Jan 17 13:53:51 mether	either daily
Jan 17 13:53:55 mether	or before friday
Jan 17 13:53:57 EvilBob	cygnus2936: I will do what I can until you are available and they we will team up
Jan 17 13:54:16 mether	report writers should have their introductory pages clear
Jan 17 13:54:24 mether	you will most likely contacted by others
Jan 17 13:54:38 cygnus2936	sure
Jan 17 13:54:40 mether	atleast have a email id but other details are good to have
Jan 17 13:54:41 cygnus2936	thats sounds good
Jan 17 13:55:09 nman64	mether: Any other topics you wanted to cover before we close this meeting?
Jan 17 13:55:23 mether	yes one more
Jan 17 13:55:30 mether	I have registered fedorajournal.org
Jan 17 13:55:46 mether	dont get a fit tchung but its being redirected into fedoranews.org currently
Jan 17 13:55:55 *	cygnus2936 (n=cygnus29 83-70-234-222 b-ras1 prp dublin eircom net) has left #fedora-websites
Jan 17 13:56:03 mether	the idea is to have a regular ORIGINAL content on a monthly basis
Jan 17 13:56:06 tchung	mether, cool ;)
Jan 17 13:56:21 mether	somewhat an equivalent of RH magazine or gnome journal for Fedora
Jan 17 13:56:36 mether	it will be owned and operated by Fedora Foundation
Jan 17 13:56:50 mether	and I will team up with a few editors
Jan 17 13:57:01 mether	and authors to provide good articles on a monthly basis
Jan 17 13:57:21 mether	I have a list of things we brainstormed before. hold on
Jan 17 13:57:36 EvilBob	YAFS???
Jan 17 13:57:49 EvilBob	and my you?
Jan 17 13:57:52 EvilBob	by
Jan 17 13:57:53 EvilBob	LOL
Jan 17 13:58:51 mether	http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Projects/WeeklyReports/2005-Jan-23
Jan 17 13:58:58 mether	 <gregdek_home>  So why wouldn't we just submit the original content to Fedora News?
Jan 17 13:58:58 mether	Jan 17 08:51:12 <mether>        I started this effort
Jan 17 13:58:58 mether	Jan 17 08:51:26 *       sankarshan likes the concept of GNOME Journal
Jan 17 13:58:58 mether	Jan 17 08:51:35 <mether>        gregdek_home, different style. gnomejournal vs gnomedesktop
Jan 17 13:58:58 mether	Jan 17 08:52:04 <mether>        the above weekly reports got some media
Jan 17 13:58:59 mether	Jan 17 08:52:09 <gregdek_home>  And how does WeeklyReports relate to Fedora Journal?
Jan 17 13:59:01 mether	Jan 17 08:52:23 <mether>        gregdek_home, we dont do interviews etc in weekly reports
Jan 17 13:59:03 mether	Jan 17 08:52:33 <mether>        gregdek_home, purely focussed on fedora sub projects
Jan 17 13:59:07 mether	Jan 17 08:52:37 <mether>        gregdek_home, in it
Jan 17 13:59:09 mether	Jan 17 08:52:59 <sankarshan>    gregdek_home: bringing TRM into Fedora in a way
Jan 17 13:59:11 mether	Jan 17 08:53:04 <mether>        gregdek_home, weekly report is kerneltraffic +++\
Jan 17 13:59:13 mether	Jan 17 08:53:10 <sankarshan>    Red Hat Magazine that is
Jan 17 13:59:15 mether	Jan 17 08:53:39 <mether>        sankarshan, so do you have a list of items that
Jan 17 13:59:17 mether	I wanted to include in the journal
Jan 17 13:59:19 mether	Jan 17 08:53:46 <mether>        sankarshan, I dont have the discussion archive w
Jan 17 13:59:26 mether	08:57:41 <mether>        sankarshan, just paste. I wanted gregdek_home to see it too
Jan 17 13:59:26 mether	Jan 17 08:57:48 <sankarshan>    Dec 25 20:12:40 mether  1) Interviews with community contributors and Red Hat engineering teams on various stuff they are doing
Jan 17 13:59:26 mether	Jan 17 08:57:48 <sankarshan>    Dec 25 20:12:50 mether  2) Articles on roadmaps
Jan 17 13:59:28 mether	and future plans
Jan 17 13:59:30 mether	Jan 17 08:57:48 <sankarshan>    Dec 25 20:13:13 gja     3) Hack of the Week
Jan 17 13:59:32 mether	Jan 17 08:57:48 <sankarshan>    Dec 25 20:13:16 mether  3) Different aspects of
Jan 17 13:59:36 mether	Fedora deployments all over the world
Jan 17 13:59:38 mether	Jan 17 08:57:48 <sankarshan>    Dec 25 20:14:13 mether  0) should be editors blog or scribblings
Jan 17 13:59:40 mether	Jan 17 08:57:50 <sankarshan>    Dec 25 20:14:21 gja     5) CD of RPMs from updates-released / extras
Jan 17 13:59:49 mether	Jan 17 08:57:50 <gregdek_home>  I'm glad someone smarter than me is keeping up with these details.  :)
Jan 17 13:59:52 mether	Oops. sorry for flooding the channel
Jan 17 14:00:02 *	EvilBob goes looking for the log where mether said "If someone registers another fedora site I am going to scream" or something like that
Jan 17 14:00:29 mether	EvilBob, I talked about this plan even before that in the fedora-marketing list
Jan 17 14:00:34 EvilBob	lol
Jan 17 14:00:36 mether	EvilBob, So I am right on schedule
Jan 17 14:00:59 EvilBob	mether: Just have to give you a hard time
Jan 17 14:00:59 mether	 <sankarshan>    Dec 25 20:16:00 sm|CPU  mether: any plans of putting in a summary of LKML traffic ?
Jan 17 14:00:59 mether	Jan 17 08:58:06 <sankarshan>    Dec 25 20:16:05 mether  pick a utility. go through it in broad detail to highlight stuff people might not now about
Jan 17 14:00:59 mether	Jan 17 08:58:09 <sankarshan>    Dec 25 20:16:13 mether  sm|CPU, thats going to be part of fedora news
Jan 17 14:00:59 mether	Jan 17 08:58:11 <sankarshan>    Dec 25 20:16:21 sm|CPU  Ok
Jan 17 14:01:00 mether	Jan 17 08:58:13 <sankarshan>    Dec 25 20:16:30 sm|CPU  Distribution format ?
Jan 17 14:01:02 mether	Jan 17 08:58:15 <sankarshan>    Dec 25 20:16:41 mether  sm|CPU, fedoranews.org/cms is a gnomedesktop style new design
Jan 17 14:01:08 mether	Jan 17 08:58:17 <sankarshan>    Dec 25 20:16:45 sm|CPU  Downloadable and Printable PDF ?
Jan 17 14:01:09 mether	Jan 17 08:58:19 <sankarshan>    Dec 25 20:17:03 mether  sm|CPU, yes fedora magazine would be printable and downloadable
Jan 17 14:01:13 mether	Jan 17 08:58:40 <sankarshan>    that is the short gist of it
Jan 17 14:01:37 mether	so anyway fedoramagazine.org is unavailable
Jan 17 14:01:47 tchung	hey mether, I need leave soon.
Jan 17 14:01:49 mether	so we went for the fedorajournal.org/com/net domains
Jan 17 14:01:53 mether	tchung, thats fine
Jan 17 14:02:01 mether	just wanted to pass on this information to everyone
Jan 17 14:02:09 mether	thats all I have for now
Jan 17 14:02:18 nman64	mether: Can you send a summary of that to the list?
Jan 17 14:02:19 tchung	please email us in the list for your new idea.  see you all later!
Jan 17 14:02:40 mether	nman64, will do
Jan 17 14:02:50 nman64	If there's nothing further, let's go ahead and bring this meeting to a close.
Jan 17 14:02:59 mether	summary of the meeting mins or just the journal stuff?
Jan 17 14:03:07 nman64	mether: Journal.
Jan 17 14:03:36 nman64	Closing in...
Jan 17 14:03:40 nman64	.....5
Jan 17 14:03:44 nman64	....4
Jan 17 14:03:48 nman64	...3
Jan 17 14:03:50 nman64	..2
Jan 17 14:03:52 nman64	.1
Jan 17 14:03:54 nman64	0
Jan 17 14:03:56 EvilBob	Happy Year
Jan 17 14:03:56 nman64	</meeting>

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