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## Misthought and sent to f-art-list originally; should be here, thx ivazquez

We're working on making it *very easy* to get edit access to the Wiki.

We are doing this by having the CLA be a click-through that is done when
creating the Wiki account.  This has long been approved by The Right
People, we are just waiting for Moin 1.6 to ship.  It includes the
ability to have text appear in the CreateAccount page that then does not
appear in the UserPreferences.

Here is how Paulo has made it look so far:

/me notes the slightly off-color favicon that denotes it is a test (not
production) server

I'm looking for a way to make the CLA text stand out from the page more.
Make it more obvious that it is something special that needs to be read,
not glanced over.  I have a few ideas, but I'm very open to any

* A light colored shading behind it
* A thin border to make it pop from the page
* A thicker border with shading to make it stand on top of the page
* Graphics to make it look like a pirate's code written in blood
* etc.

If you want to implement your idea in CSS, feel free to send it as a
patch to the standard CSS (as used on publictest1).  But if your idea is
simple enough, we can probably figure it out ourselves. :)

Thanks - Karsten
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