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Subject: Opponents

An Incredible Start, but there's More to Come!

Commpany: Synegrate Corp (SYGT)

Currrent price:        $0.17 (+62%)
Shorrt-term Tarrget:  $0.30
Note: Profits Exceeding Expectations

It doesn't get any better than this.  With the Major
markets showing incredible volatility it is time to look
to the small cap markets for the real winners.  We have
just such a company!

After an early news release, SYGT has seen a surge in
volume and price.  With news like this it's to be

Synegrate Revenue Increases with School Contracts

Aug 16, 2007 8:00:00 AM

CARPENTERSVILLE, Ill., Aug. 16 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Synegrate
Corporation announced today that Fox River Graphics, a wholly owned
subsidiary, has been awarded a $236,000.00 contract to provide integrated
(AV) systems for two schools in Illinois.

These two contracts add to the growing list of revenue
the company has worked on this year. "Fox River Graphics
had sales of over twelve million dollars last year", said
Joe Dowdell, Sr., president of Synegrate, "and we expect
to do better than that this year."Fox River Graphics, a
leading AV integrator in the Midwest, will be installing
Dukane projectors, Draper screens, and SP Pixie
controllers in sixty two classrooms plus other meeting
and training rooms in Wright Elementary School,
Hampshire, IL, and Gilberts Elementary School, Gilberts,

Fox River Graphics holds contracts with the Federal government's General
Services Administration (GSA) and the Department of Defense (DOD) plus a
contract with the State of Ohio.

A profit report from SYGT is expected any day, once it is
out this one will be easily meeting the target price.

Trade Smart and Win!

track as part of the entry process on his first day at the facility He was
taken to a hospital and died early the next day Gov Jeb Bush who ordered the
investigation said he was told the arrests were being 
made and hoped that at the end of the day justice will be served (Watch Bush
express his hopes about the case) We also hope that once the process is
completed that Martin Lee Andersons family 
will have the answers to the questions that they legitimately have Bush said

Waylon Graham attorney for one of the defendants Charles Helms said he wasnt
surprised at the outcome of the probe Its pretty clear that the outside
prosecutors succumbed to the pressure from the governor  Graham said No
doubt It was clear from the beginning what the governor wanted Graham said
the charge of aggravated manslaughter of a child would be difficult for 
prosecutors to prove adding If these men can raise the money to put on a
good defense t o hire the right experts they have an excellent chance of
being found not guilty Bob Pell an attorney who represents former guard
Joseph Walsh Jr told The Associated 
Press he hadnt heard about charges against his client
I didnt anticipate it he told AP I was hoping cooler heads would prevail but
we will 
deal with this as it comes down We understood the political pressure that
was brought to bear Benjamin Crump an attorney for Andersons parents was in
Panama City with the family Tuesday and didnt immediately return APs call
for comment
Video: Teen forced to the ground
Videotape of the incident showed Anderson being forced to the ground by
various methods 
including knees to the thigh pressure points to his ear and punches to his
arms Later another camp staffer hit him from behind lurching his body
forward A nurse stood by and on at least one occasion she determined his
vital signs were normal An initial autopsy conducted in nearby Panama City
showed that Anderson died a natural death caused by complications of sickle
cell trait But a second autopsy conducted by pathologist Dr Vernard Adams
showed the teen was suffocated by guards who were restraining him To reach
his findings Adams studied the video including having it enhanced by
engineers at NASA 

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