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Hello All,
I hope I am doing this right, but I am sure someone will let me know if I am not. 
My name is Art Abate and I have just signed up with the Fedora Project.
I reside in the Eastern states (EST) and have lived here all my life.
I have roughly 15 years experience in the IT field, with a majority of that in the Systems/Network administration area. (Primarily in the Windows space)
5 or 6 years ago I started to redirect my attention and efforts more towards Open Source; specifically Linux. (Good move on my part!)
As mentioned, my skills include system and network administration and troubleshooting, and also website creation and maintenance. 
I have a good working background in routers, switches, (CCNA, CCNP certified), systems administration (Microsoft and Red Hat) and network troubleshooting.(capture analysis)
My software skills are in Apache, PHP, MySQL, some C programming, and a few scripting languages.
In a nutshell, I believe I have sat back and watched long enough, and would like to contribute. For years now I have enjoyed the fruits of other people's hard work with Linux, and keeping it alive and fresh, so now I would like to return what I can to the community in any way I can.
I would be happy to assist in anyway I can, and hopefully be able to learn more. I have started learning Python a little better, so I hope that helps.
I do have test servers in my possession and more than willing to put them to work as needed.
As a couple of personal notes, I have to admit I have acquired 2 addictions over the past few years; Mountain Dew and Linux! Yes, I do sleep occasionally. 
I have also built and maintained many of my own personal websites. The most recent I have just started to work on is I have high hopes for this site and would like to take it as far as it can go. 
When I am not in front of a server "playing", I also enjoy getting out on my 07 Heritage Softail. My wife and I enjoy just getting away, even for just a few hours, and coming back with a fresh new perspective on things. 
I am still fumbling around with the other parts of getting added to the EditGroup and adding myself as a contributor, but I am thinking maybe that comes after this part. Not sure, so any help would be appreicated.
Thank you all for your time in reading this, and I am very excited to finally be a real part of the community I have watched grow and flourish over the years.
If you require ANY further information, please do not hesitate to ask.
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