sharing code

Craig Thomas bicycle.nutz at
Thu Apr 3 02:46:49 UTC 2008

Hello All,

The recent list discussion has, at least, left one important process
question in it's wake:

How do we share changes amongst ourselves before we are ready to both
commit them to master branch, and also Commit to them as ideas and
code as a group?

I have thought of two ways and I like one better than the other, but
by no means pretend to know which is better between the two or if
either are a good idea over all.

So, #1:

-each user in the FAS group websites would have their own git branch,
by default.  Changes could be reviewed and cherrypicked into master by
$some_one .

and #2:

-use fedorapeople to host 'personal' git repos. Changes not ready for
prime time, or just seeking broader review and collaboration can be
pulled by anyone. In my test, only the $user can push. Mods that are
$deemed_worthy can be pushed or cherrypicked into master.

I personally like #2, but I think either would solve the problem. I
like it because it leaves the main repo alone and seems to leverage
the power of git's distributed nature; it's fun to play with :-}

I have jotted down some notes on how to get a git repo on people space
to play with.  These "worked for me" :

Would love thoughts and comments about the idea of sharing code before
we are ready to commit it to master.

Thanks for listening,


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