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Re: Simple website

On Fri, 2008-04-25 at 15:47 -0700, Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
> richard-harrison comcast net wrote:
> >>>> http://www.opensuse.org/
> >>> +1...VERY elegant.
> >> Yes it is, but it feels bit like a desert - it lacks the message "Yes here 
> >> is something happening.". Thats what news with headlines does. And who 
> >> cares about project hidden behind the barrier of nice wallpaper. So yes, 
> >> it is graficaly nice, but definitely does not give a first impression of 
> >> live project.
> > Without clutter and with zero learning curve, it provides a very obvious entry into each of the three main funnels with respect to potential visitor interest. This is of paramount importance to the "unwashed masses" whom we hope to seduce away from "The Dark Side." The more geekly among us will not be put off, and our lesser brethren should not be frightened off by too much "richness" of options and news. The OSuse front page is targeted at the first timer with the intent of inducing download (first option for those of us of the left-to-right persuasion), not those interested in a worldwide project to overthrow the domination of "The Evil Empire." I think they (and Mike) got it right.
> > 
> Eh, it looks like the laptop.org home page which has always felt lacking 
> to me.  Not to say that we don't have too much on our front page, just 
> that too little can be just as bad.  An interface that's too cluttered 
> is hard to navigate but an interface that has too little doesn't give 
> you enough clues on how to navigate and worse, no reason to want to 
> navigate it.
> -Toshio

i totally agree!!
we cannot compare two different projects and two different websites that
aim at two different points. Obviously opensuse.org aims to let people
know about the tools the have build (Build Services) and of course the
wiki. The thing is, their wiki is so well organized that it feels good
to navigate in and also their wiki is their replacement for our fp.o
If we had a wiki so well designed with an interactive and intuitive
interface such as opensuse's wiki, we could discard having fp.o as the
wiki would do just a better job. But so far nor the wiki and definitely
not the fp.o site are helping on filling the gap between new
users/contributors and the project. 

Also im getting tired of this discussion as it seems its not going
anywhere, as people that think the website should be just the Fedora
logo aren't changing their minds, and people like me who thinks
information is a better way to reach to potential contributors aren't
changing our minds either. So instead of wasting time discussing this, i
suggest we name a group that will decide how things should look in the

I know thats the idea of having a websites group, but as people is
getting in this group, the group keeps getting bigger and its hard to
progress if we take into a count every ones ideas and just for a couple
of people who disagree about something we don't take any actions. So i
suggest making a small group who will be in charge of this aspect of the
websites team and decide what to do, also a poll or something similar
would do the job, but we definitely need some leadership here.

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