Our first meeting

Max Spevack mspevack at redhat.com
Tue Apr 29 04:06:31 UTC 2008

Here's my vision for how we can hold the first 2 or 3 Fedora websites 
meetings, in order to get a grasp on current business and also begin to 
plan for the future (ie: what Websites should look like post F9).

For our first meeting:

:00 - :20 -- current status of websites work that is directly needed for 
Fedora 9.  I'll have a bit of coming up to speed to do myself.  We'll 
run through the open tasks that are being worked on for the release, and 
see where everything is.

:20 - :30 -- I want to make sure that everyone gets on the same page 
about how Fedora Websites and Fedora Infrastrucutre interact.  There are 
a lot of shared members, and I'm not even sure really where the roles 
break down.  The "designers" of the websites and the "folks who put the 
designs into production" are two distinct sets of people, I would 

:30 - 50 -- I want to begin a discussion about vision, and I want to 
give the folks who attend a chance to say what each person considers to 
be the critical path for Fedora websites.  Let's use this meeting and 
the mailing list to make some strategic decisions about where we want 
the Websites team to go, and what we want it to be achieving, by the 
time Fedora 10 comes out.  This will take more than 1 meeting to 
achieve, but once it's done then we can start to make some short term 
tactical decisions about individual steps towards those goals.  I 
believe that the idea summarized by "websites as a service to the rest 
of Fedora" makes a lot of sense, and I suppose we'll start the 
discussion there, and see what people think.

:50 - :59 -- Review any specific action items for this week.


Please tell me if you think I've missed anything particularly important 
for this first meeting, or just share your general thoughts, concerns, 


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