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Self Introduction


My name is Adam aka CB6 in the freenode channels. I've been promoting FOSS, and the Freedom of Information since 2001. My experience is strong on the Microsoft side being a former TS Eng. I started using Fedora Linux recognizing its positive direction, and it's ability to genuinely help users improve their user experience. I have been doing web development more as a hobby for years, and helping people with their computers since the day I first laid hands on one. I recognize the significance of W3 compliance, key words in titles, unique, content rich articles, and wording that everyone can understand from beginner to advanced. I know that it's very important to adopt clean, and navigable sites into the community.

I would consider myself an intermediate web designer/developer, and beginner with Linux. I'm very good at replicating or coming up with my own scripts for things so I think you'll find my creativity useful at times even if I can't fully do everything myself. I think you'll find my perspective as a beginner valuable as to look at things others might not otherwise notice. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time.


Adam J. Humphreys

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