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Websites Meetings

Hi team,

We're scheduled for a meeting tonight at 22:00 UTC and next monday at 20:00 UTC.

I'm taking my summer vacation starting tonight, and I won't be back until next Wednesday, so I'll be missing both of these meetings.

Which brings me to a larger topic:

A couple of months ago when Mike McGrath asked someone to start holding Websites meetings regularly, I volunteered because I wanted to step in and fill a need. But as you all know, I am not deeply active in the day to day coding or design that goes on in Fedora Websites. It was always the objective that once some momentum had been built up, and there were a number of tasks being worked through, that "leadership" of the Websites project could transfer to someone in the community who wanted to step into that role.

Are we ready for that yet?  Is anyone feeling inspired?

Here's the critical path, IMHO:

(1) get-fedora into F10 shape, and incorporating a link to (2), below.

(2) spins.fp.o into small, achievable milestones. The first milestone, IMHO, needs to be a "spin information page" which contains basic information about the spin, a .ks and a link to torrents, ISOs (wherever they are hosted), or other download mechanisms. The second milestone is a basic index of all spins. The third milestone is workflow to automate the addition and deletion of spins from the index.

(3) Finding, developing, and recruiting people who are interested in web application development. Making it as SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE for someone to have a turbogears application, with Fedora look and feel, up and running on a test instance somewhere in our infrastructure.

(4) Respond to whatever comes up on a weekly basis that needs attention.

That's my little roadmap.  What do y'all think?


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