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Re: fp.o/contact

On 2008-08-04 10:24:01 PM, ylynfatt wrote:
> I was taking a look at the Fedora Websites Page Request wiki
> page (http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Websites/PageRequests)
> and noticed that the fp.o/contact page was listed. I was
> wondering if anyone had started/was currently working on
> that page and if it was still required? If it's still
> required and no one is currently working on it, I'd like to
> take this on as a start since I'm still fairly new. 
Great!  I don't think anybody's working on it at the moment, and we
could definitely still use the page.

> >From the requirements and details I know we need contact
> info for end user support, legal issues, website issues and
> the apache test page. What other contacts are needed or what
> other questions do we get via the mailing list that are
> misdirected or off topic?
That sounds like a pretty complete list.  Maybe we could add a contact
for mirror problems (is mirror-admin fp o the right address for those?)

Thanks for taking this on,

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