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Developing the Amber layout form the mockups; Improving the fedoraproject frame; How to proceed?

Hello all,

Recently i've spoken with Robin Norwood about the Amber mockups and
volunteered to make the mockups work in html+css and perhaps even some
I did make a head start with the development but soon discovered that
i actually needed to tell it here first so that i can get some
feedback on how to proceed in this.
My intention is (as said) to make the mockups in html and let amber
use it. The other part is the frame of the mockups which is supposed
to be the default for all of the fedora sites. All those sites already
look like the mockup but can use some more attention to let the left
menu look like it and perhaps the bottom (didn't really compare the

It seems obvious for me that i need to take the current css from
fedoraproject, adjust it to the mockup style and post it here so it
can be used and integrated in fedoraproject sites.
But how do you think about it? your opinion on how to proceed with
this would be welcome.

About the mockups
I saw them and they look very good! but i have an idea to make them
look better. For that idea look here: http://ui.jquery.com/ at the 3
big buttons on the bottom. Wouldn't that effect be nice in
fedoraproject for the buttons and the application frames in the
mockup? For that to work i need a mockup in the hover state of those.
So what do you think about that idea?
I think it would make the fedoraprject sites and amber look more
polished with that in it.

About the name : "Amber"
I talked to Norwood about this as well and told him that i actually
liked (the codename) Amber way more then the intended name:
"Application install".. Norwood told me that he is fine with both
names and i personally would like to see Amber as the final name.

So i would like to ask the rest what they think is better:
- Amber
- Application Install

Cast your votes.
(from me it's +1 for Amber)

I hope i didn't forget anything.


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