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Re: one CMS

On Wed, 2008-08-13 at 16:01 -0700, Karsten 'quaid' Wade wrote:
> I'm ready, let's do this.
> We need one CMS solution (for sanity sake), although >1 install might
> OK(?), to cover:
> * fedoraproject.org
> * docs.fedoraproject.org
> We need to move some content from the wiki (Licensing/*, Legal/*,
> Packaging*) to the CMS.
> Why a CMS?  Read this:
> Getting a CMS is a solution to a blocker for upgrading MediaWiki.  The
> code we use for MW ACLs is not supported in the latest release, and
> version is going out of security update support.  By moving all
> out of the wiki that needs ACLs, we don't have to have that code and
> upgrading is made possible.  That also gets us to where we can use
> Nigel's localization setup.
> Reportedly we'll get a speed improvement on the wiki without the HNP
> code.  So sayeth Nigel.  See #fedora-admin for details.
Okay, heres the run down, in a completely unscientific test (although
nearly scientific), I found that Mediawiki+HNP makes the wiki THREE
times slower.

Now the problems also are (with the current setup):
1. HNP does not support Mediawiki > 1.11.2
2. Per 1. we are locked into Mediawiki 1.11.2
3. Per 2, we won't have any security updates once Mediawiki 1.13.x comes
out (anytime now)
4. We are limited in options for l10n content
5. With the current state of the Mediawiki codebase, it could be more
desirable (imo) for us to work off SVN versions like Wikipedia etc do
(they update the wiki every couple of days from SVN once it's been
proven as working on the test wiki).
6. HNP is just slow, and the code is disgusting.
> CMS must haves
> --------------
> * Good security record
> * Proactive security mindedness of developer community
> * Flexible enough auth system to attach to FAS
> * RSS
> * ...
> CMS should haves
> ----------------
> * OpenID
> * WYSIWYG editor
> * ...
> Have at it!


That said... http://www.silverstripe.com looks rather nifty.  Plus they
are having a meetup in Auckland not too far from me, so if we are
interested I'll pop along and say hi on behalf of Fedora :)

- Nigel

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