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Drupal CMS for Fedora

Hi all,

Just registered with this list after reading Karsten's blog on Planet Fedora.

As the title suggests, I would recommend Drupal as a CMS.

It has a modular design, and I expect it would not be too much effort
to create a module to auth against FAS and there are many additional
hooks. It has roles/groups based permissions which can be added to via
additional access modules - specify who can view/edit/add what and
where - all separated via "content type". Version 6.x of Drupal also
has good internationalisation support from what I hear.

RSS comes as standard, as does book/outline ability which is similar
to the documentation system pages/contents currently used.

It has good theming potential where the themes are pretty well
separated from the content. The main benefit of Drupal is the
contributed modules, Mainly CCK and Views.

CCK - custom content types, allows you to create custom content types
with as many/few fields needed - you can create a content type that
has a predefined number of fields/text area's for whatever is needed.
This could be extremely useful for things such as the feature process.

"Views" can be used to list/display things in various ways depending
on arguments provided to it. Very powerful.

through the use of pathauto module, you can add url namespacing which
may be of benefit to some.

Admittedly a lot of the community oriented featured would proabably be
go unused on the fpo website, but there are plenty of others that are
very useful.

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