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Re: Drupal CMS for Fedora

----- Original Message -----
From: "Naheem Zaffar" <naheemzaffar gmail com>
To: fedora-websites-list redhat com
Subject: Drupal CMS for Fedora
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2008 15:45:53 +0100

>Hi all,
>Just registered with this list after reading Karsten's blog
>on Planet Fedora.
>As the title suggests, I would recommend Drupal as a CMS.
>It has a modular design, and I expect it would not be too
>much effort to create a module to auth against FAS and
>there are many additional hooks. It has roles/groups based
>permissions which can be added to via additional access
>modules - specify who can view/edit/add what and where -
>all separated via "content type". Version 6.x of Drupal
>also has good internationalisation support from what I
>RSS comes as standard, as does book/outline ability which
>is similar to the documentation system pages/contents
>currently used.
>It has good theming potential where the themes are pretty
>well separated from the content. The main benefit of Drupal
>is the contributed modules, Mainly CCK and Views.
>CCK - custom content types, allows you to create custom
>content types with as many/few fields needed - you can
>create a content type that has a predefined number of
>fields/text area's for whatever is needed. This could be
>extremely useful for things such as the feature process.
>"Views" can be used to list/display things in various ways
>depending on arguments provided to it. Very powerful.
>through the use of pathauto module, you can add url
>namespacing which may be of benefit to some.
>Admittedly a lot of the community oriented featured would
>proabably be go unused on the fpo website, but there are
>plenty of others that are very useful.

I agree with Naheem and also made the suggestion in the
other thread started on the mailing list regarding a CMS
solution being needed for fp.o.

- Yannick

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