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Re: one CMS

On 2008-08-14 03:19:44 PM, Karsten 'quaid' Wade wrote:
> You are totally correct.  My reason for jamming it together was to
> capture and move one-time the various ACL'd pages in the wiki.  Another
> option we've discussed previously is to move them to e.g. Packaging:
> namespace.  Then we have to re-jiggle the default search, etc.  But it
> is far less disruptive.
Ah, that makes sense - so we can add fine-grained ACLs to the list of
stuff to want, then hopefully focus on docs's publishing workflow needs.
I don't know if we want to move both at the same time, though.  I'd
*hate* to end up using anything for the website that docs would not end
up using long term as well.

Either way, I'm just bringing this up in the context of finding good
candidates.  Just something to keep in mind when listing features that
we'd want in a CMS.  


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