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Re: Websites Meetings

On Mon, Aug 4, 2008 at 2:30 PM, Max Spevack <mspevack redhat com> wrote:
> I'm taking my summer vacation starting tonight, and I won't be back until
> next Wednesday, so I'll be missing both of these meetings.

Hi all,

I have recently returned to the world from same :)

> Which brings me to a larger topic:
> A couple of months ago when Mike McGrath asked someone to start holding
> Websites meetings regularly, I volunteered because I wanted to step in and
> fill a need.  But as you all know, I am not deeply active in the day to day
> coding or design that goes on in Fedora Websites.  It was always the
> objective that once some momentum had been built up, and there were a number
> of tasks being worked through, that "leadership" of the Websites project
> could transfer to someone in the community who wanted to step into that
> role.
> Are we ready for that yet?  Is anyone feeling inspired?

I am surprised no one responded to this post, and I don't think we are
there yet. Inspiration is only part of the puzzle for me, time is the
major factor ( i can barley make the meetings you are running :), and
I am sure that is true of others.  Growing a bit more couldn't hurt.
Anyway, to your plan...

> Here's the critical path, IMHO:
> (1) get-fedora into F10 shape, and incorporating a link to (2), below.

My name is next to this one and I am not sure what our plan is? what
are we planning to do to improve this? I am happy to work on anything
we decide on/want to see, offer opinions or do mockups...Let's make
'getting fedora' better. I have read this, but I am not sure what we
want to do for the user to make it better:


> (2) spins.fp.o into small, achievable milestones.  The first milestone,
> IMHO, needs to be a "spin information page" which contains basic information
> about the spin, a .ks and a link to torrents, ISOs (wherever they are
> hosted), or other download mechanisms.  The second milestone is a basic
> index of all spins.  The third milestone is workflow to automate the
> addition and deletion of spins from the index.

> (3) Finding, developing, and recruiting people who are interested in web
> application development.  Making it as SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE for someone to
> have a turbogears application, with Fedora look and feel, up and running on
> a test instance somewhere in our infrastructure.
> (4) Respond to whatever comes up on a weekly basis that needs attention.
> That's my little roadmap.  What do y'all think?

I think it's the right path, and I think we still need you to bust
trail :)  I will bring up item 1 in the next meeting, but don't know
anything about 2 other than it was to be a web app of sorts, and not
just a set of static pages.

my $.02


> --Max

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