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Amber website progress


http://amber.mageprojects.com/ is where i put the latest versions on.
There are a few things to notice here.

1. The footer with the copyright info.. Most people probably don't
want to read it so i made it less visible (specially the links) so
that people don't get distracted by the footers links or the text.
It's all there just less visible.

2. I intended to expand the current existing Fedoraproject.org layout
with this new stuff but soon encountered annoying issues that where
just not easy to fix without spending a lot of time modifying the
layout. So therefore i continued on the one i started from scratch.
The html is cleaner then the current fp one and the css can be cleaned
up a lot (everywhere where i use background-image.. can all be stuffed
in the background line)

And a small message to Mike (the one that made those awesome mockups)
can you please slice the images for the menu (normal and hover)?
otherwise i have to edit those from the mockups which will take a lot
longer for the same result.. and you have the source anyway. So would
go a lot faster if you could do that for me. (also with the amber
specific things)

now i'm first gonna look which browsers don't like my code... (ie6 most likely)

Next: menu with buttons and: jQuery effect on them ^_^ stay tuned.


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