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Re: Amber website progress

On Sat, Aug 16, 2008 at 6:30 PM, Mark <markg85 gmail com> wrote:
> Hey,
> http://amber.mageprojects.com/ is where i put the latest versions on.
> There are a few things to notice here.
> 1. The footer with the copyright info.. Most people probably don't
> want to read it so i made it less visible (specially the links) so
> that people don't get distracted by the footers links or the text.
> It's all there just less visible.
> 2. I intended to expand the current existing Fedoraproject.org layout
> with this new stuff but soon encountered annoying issues that where
> just not easy to fix without spending a lot of time modifying the
> layout. So therefore i continued on the one i started from scratch.
> The html is cleaner then the current fp one and the css can be cleaned
> up a lot (everywhere where i use background-image.. can all be stuffed
> in the background line)
> And a small message to Mike (the one that made those awesome mockups)
> can you please slice the images for the menu (normal and hover)?
> otherwise i have to edit those from the mockups which will take a lot
> longer for the same result.. and you have the source anyway. So would
> go a lot faster if you could do that for me. (also with the amber
> specific things)
> now i'm first gonna look which browsers don't like my code... (ie6 most likely)
> Next: menu with buttons and: jQuery effect on them ^_^ stay tuned.
> Thanx,
> Mark.

Oke, i did some browser checking and spend a good part of the day
fixing it for ie.
I had to change divs a bit to fix bugs in ie 6 and lower (higher then 4)..

Take a look here:

Tested under the following browsers:
(100% OK) IE 5
(100% OK) IE 5.5
(100% OK) IE 6
(100% OK) IE 7
(100% OK) IE 8 beta
(100% OK) FF 3
(100% OK) Opera 9.5
(100% OK) Konqueror (kde 4.1)
(100% OK) Epiphany

All show the layout the same now with some painfully hours of tweaking.
The layout is coming along quite nicely now and the outer frame for
the fedora project sites is now about done. The menu still had to be
done to look like the mockups but that's about it for the overall
frame. After that it's time for jQuery to enter the layout with it's
fancy effects.

Some other interesting info:
XHTML 1.1 Valid:
CSS is also valid (level 2.1)

I actually COULD!! have make it work under IE 4 as well but decided to
leave it out because IE 4 isn't supporting conditional statements thus
i needed to use javascript (or php/python/whatever language fedora
uses for the web stuff) to find out the browser version and load the
css that belongs to it. That seemed a bit to extreme for me. I'm more
then happy with the results so far.

That's it for today with that website.

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