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??? (was Re: Fedora-websites-list Digest, Vol 34, Issue 9)

On Mon, 2008-08-18 at 14:04 -0400, Adam Humphreys wrote:
> I would definitely encourage Fedora Websites to avoid using pictures
> in replacement of pure code (text) on the grounds of SEO. The sites
> need to remain simple on the premise of load time, meta-crawling, and
> browser compliance. if linx can't see the point we're trying to make
> (text) then we're probably not doing our job. I also noted that jquery
> didn't meet w3 markup compliance standards on their site so are they
> really credible? There's lots of ways to get the site to a 2.0 level
> with out risking too much issues of browser compliance. As long as we
> stick to suckerfish style menu's with pure code Google etc should be
> able to see the links.

Sorry, it's not clear which of the emails included in your message you
were replying to.  When replying to a digest, please edit the Subject
and the message body to make that clear.


- Karsten
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