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Re: meeting minutes from last night

Mark wrote:
And i why add it on the task list when it's already there: "Common
look and feel"
It just also needs to say who is working on it. Right now it's getting
kinda frustrating to see that 2 people are working on the exact same
thing while i did posted it here on the websites list from the start
(as was requested from me).

I think this is probably a case of poor communication on both sides. The Amber project unfortunately has not been discussed much at all on websites list and not at all in any of the websites meetings. While I know the design of the Fedora applications html/css has been discussed in various meetings, it's something that has been talked about a long time but the push for getting things done has only been in the past month or so. I have made some planet Fedora posts about the work suchs as this one:


Which was also brought up on this list not soon after:


So it seems like we've just missed each other.

i don't really think it is so important how we got into this situation, more importantly how will we resolve this. And I don't think throwing away and redoing the master fpo css is the answer.


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