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Re: meeting minutes from last night

Asgeir Frimannsson wrote:

I was more thinking of this from a development point-of-view. The tabs do eat space that could be better used for the main functionality of the application. I'm thinking of this in terms of the L10N infrastructure specifically, where we do need as much horizontal space as possible for the main application (e.g. translation statistics, transifex submission, online translation)... I would limit the overall 'theme' to a smaller and less intrusive 'frame' of the application, e.g. how Google separates its' services (horizontal <20px bar on top). I do really like the overall theme of the page though :)

Seriously? Out of a 1024 pixel wide screen, that sidebar takes up less than 200 px. That gives the main content area 80% of the horizontal width of the screen which seems a quite reasonable ratio to me. You do need SOME whitespace on the screen. Cramming information into every last bit of space is not as efficient as it might seem at first glance, especially in a complicated application interface where you risk overwhelming the user with data.

You wouldn't worry more about having 8 tabs horizontally across the top, their German translations making the last two or three tabs scroll horizotnally or jump down the next row? I don't think i18n is really a good justification for your stance here.


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