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Re: meeting minutes from last night

Asgeir Frimannsson wrote:
That makes more sense now. From the discussion, I had in my head that the left-navigation is the one to navigate between various applications (FAS,L10N,planet etc..), and the top tabs for the individual application (similar to how it is on many existing fpo sites). And that was the basis of my comments.

No, although I could see how it could be confusing in that way. The particular mockup I've been working on is for the My Fedora application. So the tabs on the left are meant for the different areas of that app. Apps like Koji and Bodhi would use that left nav for the various areas of those apps respectively.

The point that might have been confusing is that the CSS/template is meant to be used for each app individually, not to link all the apps together in one frame! :)

I was simply commenting on an issue that annoys me we the current websites (e.g. translate.fpo), and from the mockup it seemed that the issue was still there, so I thought spending 1 minute submitting a friendly report in that direction would be useful. Now that you say there is a global navigation bar planned as well, your design makes perfect sense, and is indeed a very good one.

Phew. Thank you so much for your patience with me and I'm really sorry for any miscommunication on my part.

No, I will not make a mockup, because mine would look like a site from the nineties at best. I am perfectly happy with your proposal now that it is in the context of another 'global navigation' on top/bottom, and would really like to commend the great work and effort being done on this. It will be great to have a design like this for infrastructure apps :)

That's very nice of you to say, thanks again :)

/me puts in his todo list to dig into the archives to search for the discussion on global navigation :)

Most recently I know someone posted a mockup of the global nav bar on my blog, http://mihmo.livejournal.com/58834.html?thread=296914#t296914

(But it doesn't look like his mockup is up anymore. )

But having a thin navigation bar at the top of fpo sites is something I remember discussing at Boston FUDCon two years ago. After a cursory search I haven't been able to find the thread but it was a long while ago. :( There were several versions of mockups floating around too. When we did the original redesign of fedoraproject.org, the intent was that on fedoraproject.org the bar would be the way it is now, thin with no content, and then other fpo related web properties could have a global nav like the google.com one you mentioned, and potentially with a global search.

I think maybe some of these topics are worth bringing up on the list in more detail so I'm hoping to do so in the coming week. I've recently had a lot more time to work on Fedora websites along with my teammate Eve so we do need to do a nice writeup of the work we've been doing with respect to the My Fedora project and also discuss some of our ideas/goal openly here.

Thanks again for your feedback and patience with me :)


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