My Fedora mockups

Máirín Duffy duffy at
Thu Aug 28 18:30:30 UTC 2008

Hey folks,

I mentioned this briefly in the websites meeting earlier this week but I 
wanted to let you know about a project that myself, J5, lmacken, and Eve 
have been working on recently called My Fedora:

 From the wiki page:

" is a project to integrate all of the Fedora 
infrastructure in one place. The goal is to create a modular web page in 
which each module would pull views from the various Fedora resources and 
display them to the user. It is a first step in implementing the goals 
laid out in this paper [1]. At first the web site would be geared 
towards Fedora development but could also handle upstream development 
resources and user community start pages. "

So far, on the design front, Eve and I put together a set of mockups and 
a rough sitemap to show the flow of the pages:

I've also made some good progress towards some CSS to support the 
mockups, see:

As I mentioned in the last websites meeting, the css is structured like so:

main fedora css (from www.fpo) => application chrome css => my fedora css

I was thinking moving forward when we fedora-ify an application in our 
infrastructure, we could use the main fedora css => application chrome 
css and then any app-specific customizations could go in a stylesheet 
specific to that app. I'm writing the app chrome css such that it would 
be generic enough for that usage. It includes things like the tabs along 
the sides and the various widgets in the main content area.

Let me know what you think!



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