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An apology to the fedora websites team

I owe you all an apology for leaving things the way i did. Although it was never my intention things turned out this way and i couldn't keep working on the fedora website, specially on the get-fedora section as i commited. Thing is my job and my training is gettin all my time and right now i dont have any free time to spend on my passion (Fedora). It is a shame to me to recognize that right now im not the best person to rely on about the get-fedora section as i wont have the time right now to work on it, so i would like to ask for someone interested to keep working on this and maybe in a near future ill be back helping you all again.

Sorry i didnt wrote this mail before and probably you all wondered where was I. I really dont have an excuse (maybe i was gwtting back home really tired and thats why i didnt bother myself to write this). Anyway thats all for now, Of course i'll try to be as updated as i can with the fedora websites progress but for now im afraid i cant keep working with all you

So keep all the good work you all have been doing!


Juan Camilo Prada

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