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Re: introducing myself

Alessio Santoro wrote:
> Hi fedora!
> I'm Alessio and i'm an Italian webmaster. I ask you now sorry for my bad
> english!
> I'm interesting to help the fedore project as a webmaster, developing
> the websites and administrating it.
> My experiences:
> I worked a freelance webmaster for 3 years (and i'm working now),
> developing many different websites from e-commerces to blogs.
> 90% of websites that i developed were in PHP/MySQL language. This is the
> first language that i learned and i used (and i use).
> I know also (basic) C/C++, HTML, Perl, Python. I'm not a designer!! :P
> I managed many websites (personal and company websites), i have a good
> experience with many opensource CMS like Wiki, PHPnuke, Joomla,
> osCommerce, OpenCommercio...and much more!
> I worked for 2 years (parallament to these) in the Domains and Hosting
> sector. I worked for 2 hosting companies as a PHP developer (first) and
> a System Administrator. I have a good expericence with Cpanel, Plesk
> panel and other server panels, linux systems (server), ssh and linux
> server applications (ftp, dns applications...).
> I used Fedora,  CentOS, RedHat and Ubuntu as linux system. I have also a
> Windows experience (I used and i'm using Windows 2000, Windows ME,
> Windows XP and Windows Vista).
> I have also a little experience in the game developing sector.
> My fedora account username is apocaliv.
> I hope that i can help the fedora project and the fedora web group.
> I wait your answer.

Hello Alessio!

From your background I think you'll be straddling the line between
fedora-websites and fedora-infrastructure.  That's a good place to be as
 several of us can attest :-)

We tend to use RHEL boxes for our servers and run a variety of open
source software on them.  mediawiki, nagios (moving to zabbix), trac,
etc.  If maintaining those is what you want to do, spending some time on
fedora-infrastructure list and in #fedora-admin on irc.freenode.net will
be informative.  Go ahead and forward your introduction to that list so
people know who you are there.

Most of our in-house apps are written in python.  If developing the web
applications we host is of interest, #fedora-admin is also a good place
to hang out and you can talk more with me about finding a specific
application/project to work on.

If you want to work on the website itself, writing content, designing
the layout, adding javascript to the static site, etc, this is the place
to be.  If you could join us for one of our meetings, that would be a
good way to get familiar with what's going on.


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