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Re: Infrastructure Programming Tasks

Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
> nihed mbarek wrote:
>> ok :) let's start
> Cool.  So pretty much all of the apps we develop in-house (pkgdb, fedora
> account system, bodhi, myfedora, amber, etc) are written in python[1]_.
>  The web apps are all TurboGears[2]_.
> Our wiki is driven by mediawiki and we have a few other programs that we
> run like zabbix which are written in php.
> One of the things that we need to do soon is to start looking at the CSS
> that mizmo (Máirín Duffy) is working on for MyFedora::
> https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-websites-list/2008-August/msg00131.html

I realized I might not have been clear here.  The first part of mizmo's
message is about myfedora specifically.  The second half is about the
new CSS that I'm interested in getting merged to the PackageDB (and
later all of our apps).


> The idea is that mizmo is working on a specific application but breaking
> the CSS into three sets:
> * The first layer is generic for all Fedora sites, static and dynamic.
> * The second layer is generic for all Fedora Web Applications -- so all
> the web apps I mentioned earlier.
> * The third layer is CSS specific to a specific Web Application.
> We need to port other apps than MyFedora to using this three layer
> approach with the CSS that mizmo is proposing in layer's 1 & 2 so that
> we get the generic parts right.  Since I'm the lead developer of the
> PackageDB I'd love to see the three layers integrated with the current
> PackageDB code.  Is this something you'd be interested in doing?
> -Toshio

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