2008-06-30 Meeting Minutes and Log

Jonathan Roberts jonrob at fedoraproject.org
Tue Jul 1 15:41:55 UTC 2008

Yay for exams being over, here are the minutes and log from yesterday's meeting:





22:00 < spevack> ===== Begin Websites Meeting =====
22:00 < spevack> meeting now! :)
22:00 < ianweller> spevack: that begin line showed up as 15:00:00 on
my computer. wonderful timing lol
22:00 < tw2113> ditto
22:00 < spevack> ianweller: not a coincidence
22:00  * ianweller hugs ntp
22:00 < spevack> ok, so who's around?
22:00 < spevack> Max Spevack
22:00 < JonRob> Jonathan Roberts
22:00 < mizmo> meeee
22:00 < tw2113> MichaelBeckwith
22:00  * ianweller as Ian Weller
22:01 < ivazquez> Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams
22:01 < rsc> RobertScheck
22:01 < spevack> ricky: you around?
22:01 < ianweller> (ricky's on vacation iirc)
22:01 < spevack> fair enough
22:01 < spevack> nice crowd today.
22:01  * ianweller does the wave
22:01  * JonRob realises I'm not logging, can someone else send me a
log so i can do the minutes?
22:01 < tw2113> YMCA!
22:01 < ianweller> i'll log
22:01 < spevack> JonRob: i'm logging
22:01 < tw2113> i have logging enabled too
22:02 < spevack> ok, that's taken care of :)
22:02 < spevack> so, here's what I was thinking for today.
22:02 < spevack> i want to start by running down the list of tasks we
came up with at the actual spins hackfest.
22:02 < spevack> and from there, i'm sure we'll move into mizmo's work
from the weekend
22:02 < spevack> in other words, a very heavy emphasis on spins.fp.o
22:03 < spevack> so before we get into that... are there *other*
websites topics anyone wants to address?
22:03 < ianweller> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Spins_Hackfest_summary#Tasks
22:03 < JonRob> quickly:
22:03 < spevack> JonRob: go ahead
22:03 < JonRob> did people spot that message i sent re: an update to get-help?
22:04 < JonRob> i'm not comfortable pushing to live without others at
least glancing yet
22:04 < spevack> JonRob: i'm trying to pull it up now
22:04 < tw2113> i probably did but can't recall
22:04  * ianweller missed that thread apparently
22:05 < JonRob>
22:05 < spevack> JonRob: i'm having trouble finding that specific page
in your tree
22:06 < spevack> JonRob: got a direct link?
22:06 < JonRob> hmm let me see
22:06 < JonRob> oh shoot, we had this problem before i think
22:06 < JonRob> ok, move on with the meeting and i'll try and figure it out :p
22:06  * ianweller doesn't see any recent commits by JonRob in the git repo.
22:07 < spevack> ok, no worries JonRob
22:07 < spevack> any other new business, before we dive into spins?
22:07 < tw2113> just a link to the spins map that mo did up
22:08 < spevack> tw2113: one sec
22:08 < spevack> http://mihmo.livejournal.com/58599.html
22:08 < spevack> ok, let's dive into the meat of this meeting then.
22:08 < spevack> starting with our little task list from the hackfest session
22:08 < spevack> 1.  spins.fp.o test instance
22:08 < spevack> owners: ricky and mspevack
22:08 < ianweller>
(https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Spins_Hackfest_summary#Tasks, for
22:08 < spevack> well, i must confess that I have yet to move the
needle on that one.  And I don't think ricky did either.
22:09 < spevack> the goal here is to get a git instance for
22:09 < spevack> as well as a test envionment
22:09 < spevack> so that we have a place to check stuff in, and a
place where it shows up that isn't the live page.
22:09 < ianweller> i think we have a git instance somewhere
22:09 < tw2113> what is the initial page for this map?
22:09 < tw2113> i'm thinking spin details
22:10 < ianweller> http://git.fedorahosted.org/git/spins.git is our
git repo for spins.fp.o
22:10 < ianweller> i believe i am an admin for the acl for it in FAS
22:10 < tw2113> nevermind, just saw "home"
22:10 < spevack> ianweller: excellent... right, i remember seeing that
now.  I forgot to get myself registered to that group in FAS.
22:10 < spevack> so, lesson one: anyone who wants to be able to commit
needs to apply for a new group in FAS, right?
22:11  * ianweller gets the group name...
22:11 < ianweller> https://admin.fedoraproject.org/accounts/group/view/gitspins
22:11 < spevack> great, i just applied.
22:12  * ianweller sponsors
22:12 < spevack> so the next question that I have is how we can get
some sort of test instance where the stuff we check in is displayed
for testing, critique, etc.?
22:12 < ianweller> shall we ping mr. mcgrath?
22:12 < spevack> once we have that, then at least there is a basic
infrastructure for contribution.
22:12 < mizmo> mmcgrath set up publictest2 and said i could use my
homedir for that purpose
22:12 < ivazquez> We should.
22:12 < spevack> ianweller: sure. i'll do that after the meeting, since it
22:12 < spevack> is my action item
22:12 < ianweller> spevack: ok then.
22:12 < spevack> and i don't want to bog us down too much here.
22:12 < mizmo> (now i just have to figure out how to set git up so it
will work there)
22:13 < ianweller> i think we can safely make mizmo and spevack
sponsors in the group, correct?
22:13 < spevack> ok, so (1) git instance is created and (2) mspevack
will work with infrastructure for test instance
22:13 < spevack> ianweller: i trust mizmo :)
22:14 < mizmo> spevack, would publictest2 be the test instance?
22:14 < mmcgrath> actually publictest12
22:14 < mmcgrath> :)
22:14  * mmcgrath is around
22:14 < mizmo> oh 12 foo
22:14 < spevack> well, all i get is the apache test page.  i don't
know if our git repo is empty, or if there's been anything dropped in
there yet
22:14 < mizmo> thanks mmcgrath
22:14 < spevack> but if it's publictest12, then wonderful!  we're good to go.
22:15 < ianweller> who in here has sysadmin-test?
22:15 < mizmo> spevack, i think the idea is that we could each have
our own in our homedirs
22:15 < JonRob> i think i do :S
22:15 < ivazquez> Not I.
22:15 ... join!#fedora-websites -> daMaestro(n=jon at fedora/damaestro)
22:15 < ianweller> yeah you'll need to be in sysadmin-test to ssh into
22:15 < ianweller> iirc.
22:15 < spevack> mizmo: that makes sense... i'm too locked into the
RHN world where I'm still imagining individuals with dev environments,
but you need one "QA" somewhere" that is a known good state for
testing and feedback
22:15 < JonRob> yup, i do
22:16 < spevack> mizmo: but i suppose i'm getting ahead of myself.
22:16 < mizmo> true true
22:16 < spevack> clint savage isn't around right now, so i'll skip the
update on the "what is a spin" task, which is mostly a documentation
22:16 < ivazquez> It might be nice to have various directories on pt12
for the various branches in the repo.
22:16 < mizmo> ianweller, i can ssh into it but i dont know if i can
sysadmintest or not
22:17 < ianweller> oh
22:17 < mizmo> spevack, he sent an update to the websites list
22:17 < mizmo> spevack, one sec
22:17 < ianweller> maybe sysadmin-test is just sudo
22:17 < mizmo> spevack, https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Spins/What_is_a_spin
22:17 < spevack> great.  As you can tell, I'm a bit behind on websites
stuff this week. :(  my apologies.  i have two other tasks --
collecting up a inventory of all the spins we do have, and also
continuing to work with juank_prada on the get-fedora updates.
22:17 < mizmo> spevack, that's what he has so far
22:18 < spevack> mizmo: it's a decent start
22:18 < mizmo> yeppers
22:19 < spevack> my other two tasks will continue to see some work.
This is a bad week for me since I'm still in Raleigh and having lots
of planning meetings and budget meetings and stuff like that.  But the
work with juank can continue sort of in parallel to spins
22:19 < spevack> and the inventory of spins is easy, and also consists
of what we want spins.fp.o to look like as a placeholder -- i'd at
least like to clean it up a little bit.
22:19 < spevack> so those are things on my todo list, but
realistically ,i won't get to them until next week.
22:19 < spevack> so 50 lashes for me, for lagging a bit :)
22:20 < spevack> At this point, I thought I'd turn the meeting over to
mizmo and let her lead us through her work, or what specific kinds of
feedback she is looking for
22:21 < mizmo> :)
22:21 < mizmo> on the spot!
22:21 < mizmo> well
22:21 < spevack> mizmo: is that ok?
22:21 < mizmo> yeppers ;-)
22:21 < mizmo> so i wrote this up this past weekend:
22:21 ... join!#fedora-websites -> juank_prada(n=juanky at
22:21 < mizmo> with the sitemap, i was looking to exhaustively list
out what pages we would need to write for the spins.fpo site
22:22 < mizmo> and to capture the flow through the site for various folks
22:22 < mizmo> the two big hubs in the sitemap are the home page, and
the 'my spins' page
22:22 < juank_prada> hi all.... sorry im late... i just arrived from
Campus Party
22:22 < mizmo> the 'my spins' page varies depending on your roles - if
you're just a spin user you'll just see your favorited spins here
22:22 < mizmo> if you're a spin builder you'll also see build status
for the spinsyou've built
22:22 < mizmo> ifyoure a spin reviewer you'll see your incoming queue
of spins to be reviewed
22:22 < mizmo> and if you are all threeyou will see all three :)
22:23 < mizmo> some idiosyncrasies of the diagram:
22:23 < mizmo> - tan circle means it's static content
22:23 < mizmo> - bright blue circle means it's a form or otherwise
requires user input
22:23 < mizmo> - blue circle means it's dynamically generated content
from a template
22:24 < mizmo> - grey means it's from elsewhere
22:24 < mizmo> (eg an email)
22:24 < mizmo> - cubes mean you're downloading a file such as an iso
22:24 < tw2113> something non important but could be helpful...some
sort of key on the graphic for that
22:24 < mizmo> is there anything missing in the flow here?
22:24 < ivazquez> Agreed. A legend would be handy.
22:25 < mizmo> the one i added last minute was the admin section
22:25 < mizmo> right now it just controls building of spins
22:25 < mizmo> maybe it needs a section wher eyou can remove or hide spins too
22:25 < mizmo> after theyve been built
22:25 < ivazquez> We have a sitemap now, but it might be handy to have
use cases diagrammed out as well.
22:26 < tw2113> what do the very light blue bubbles around grouped circles mean?
22:26 < mizmo> ivazquez, yeh i think that would be the next step
22:26 < mizmo> tw2113, it just means that the arrow pointing to the
box points to all pages in the box
22:26  * juank_prada is checking the diagram again
22:26 < tw2113> ok
22:26 < mizmo> tw2113, they kind of hang together as a dashboard kind of thing
22:26 < JonRob> do we have any news on the tech needed to build spins
on the web?
22:27  * mizmo doesn't, JonRob :(
22:29 < mizmo> the next steps from this diagram i think are use cases
by individual user diagrammed out
22:29 < mizmo> which we kind of have from FUDcon
22:29 < mizmo> but right now they are just whiteboard photos
22:29 < mizmo> then
22:29 < mizmo> we need wireframes (at the least) for each of the major pages
22:29 < mizmo> then it should be really easy for a devel to go thru
the materials and write that pages
22:29 < mizmo> that/the
22:30  * ianweller has no issues with the current sitemap
22:30 < ianweller> i see it as a wonderful guide of how we're going to do things
22:30 < ianweller> should we write up a URI standard that goes with that though?
22:30 < tw2113> word
22:30 < mizmo> i did an example wireframe for the front page:
22:30 < ivazquez> I think once we have the use cases we'll be able to
fine tune it.
22:30 < mizmo> ianweller, URI standard?
22:30 < ianweller> mizmo: like what sections are at what paths
22:31 < ianweller> /browse/ for browse, /spin/### for a spin details
page, whathave you
22:31 < mizmo> ivazquez, they are written up in the hackfest notes,
just not diagrammed out
22:31 < ianweller> s/have/ have/
22:31 < ivazquez> Alright.
22:31 < mizmo> ivazquez, eg
22:31 < juank_prada> ianweller, you mean routing paths?
22:31 < ianweller> juank_prada: sure
22:31 < mizmo> ianweller, ah okay makes sense
22:31 < mizmo> ianweller, usually i dont plan those ahead, just
happens as development takes place
22:32 < mizmo> ianweller, but having sane urls might make it easier to work with
22:32  * ianweller will never forget the "Cool URIs Don't Change" article ;)
22:32 < ivazquez> How we define the routing also depends on the web
framework we're using.
22:33  * juank_prada is willing to check the "Cool URIs Don't Change" article :P
22:33 < juank_prada> ivazquez, totally agree
22:33 < ianweller> juank_prada: http://www.w3.org/Provider/Style/URI
22:33 < ianweller> should we have a discussion on what web framework
we're using?
22:33 < juank_prada> i would like to
22:34 < mizmo> turbogears no?
22:34  * ianweller assumes turbogears, but i'd love to have a
discussion over them all
22:34 < mizmo> id rather not talk about implementation at this stage
though unless there are actual developers here?
22:34 < ivazquez> I think we're doing well with TG+SQLAlchemy+Genshi.
22:34 < juank_prada> mizmo, im here ^^
22:34 < mizmo> oh okay hi juank_prada
22:35 < ianweller> i personally don't know TG (yet) so i can do
xhtml/css stuff and then leave the implementation to the devs ;)
22:35 < juank_prada> but yeah... i agree.. im not sure the design is
mature enough to start talking about frameworks
22:35 < juank_prada> although i might be wrong as i missed 20 mins of
this meeting (may more?)
22:36 < ianweller> juank_prada: you came in just at the start of the spins stuff
22:36 < ianweller> well, at the start of mizmo talking about her work
from the weekend
22:36 < juank_prada> ok then.. should we discuss about frameworks now?
22:36 < ianweller> juank_prada: we also have a git repo (as i'm sure
you know) and publictest12 setup.
22:37 < juank_prada> is there any other developer here or maybe
someone from infrastructure?
22:37 < ivazquez> Seeing as how he's the gitspins admin...
22:37  * ivazquez raises his hand
22:38 < juank_prada> yeah well... alhtough im the admin i really
havent had the time to work on this
22:38 < juank_prada> i just got home ^^
22:39 < ivazquez> Well, I figured you'd at least know about the repo ;)
22:39 < juank_prada> oh yeah :P
22:39 < juank_prada> so ivazquez i assume you would go for TG right?
22:39 < ivazquez> I don't see a need for Zope here, so yes.
22:41 < juank_prada> i dont know about the rest of the developers but
im pretty sure turbogears will be the selected framework
22:41 < spevack> well, we are trying to standardize on TG as much as possible
22:41 < spevack> to leverage the expertise that we are building there
22:42 < juank_prada> then lets go for turbogears :) and not waste any
time thinking about which framework to use
22:42 < ianweller> that was easy.
22:42 < spevack> i think we need to leverage all the work that luke
macken and toshio have already been doing
22:42 < spevack> and also not be afraid to ask them for help
22:43  * spevack pings lmacken and asks him to come to this channel
22:43 < juank_prada> spevack, ill try to get in contact with them...
ricky already told me about their work and im sure i'll need a lot of
help with this as im not really a TG programmer
22:43 ... join!#fedora-websites ->
JonRob1(n=jon at 88-111-170-73.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com)
22:43 < ivazquez> TG is easy once you know the basics.
22:43  * juank_prada would have voted for Zend Framework :P
22:43 < spevack> juank_prada: lmacken has some great demos and stuff.
i want to get him in here to point us at some of what he talked about
at FUDCon
22:44 < spevack> long term, i think we'll have the most success if we
use the same tools that the rest of Fedora Infrastructure is using.
mmcgrath, what do you think?
22:44 ... join!#fedora-websites -> lmacken(n=lmacken at fedora/lmacken)
22:44 < lmacken> hi there
22:44 < juank_prada> ivazquez, yeah i've been playing with it and i
find it very easy
22:44 < spevack> mizmo: your thoughts too.
22:44 < spevack> lmacken: we're talking about TurboGears as the
framework for spins.fedoraproject.org
22:44 < lmacken> excellent
22:44 < mizmo> spevack, i am all for TG
22:44 < spevack> i was wondering if you have pointers to the stuff you
showed at FUDCon
22:44 < lmacken> ah, right.. I should probably post my slides :)
22:44 < spevack> lmacken: and what it would take to prevail upon you
to help as a "consultant" from time to time
22:45 < spevack> as you have become our resident TG expert
22:45 < lmacken> I'd be glad to help
22:45 < lmacken> my TG1.0 from 2 fudcons ago: http://tg.lewk.org
22:45 < ianweller> lmacken: you'll probably want to join gitspins in
FAS, if you haven't already
22:46 < lmacken> I'll get my TG2.0 ones up soon.. but either way, we
can start writing this using TG1.0, and easily port to 2 if we want
22:46 < lmacken> ianweller: will do
22:46 < juank_prada> lmacken, would you recommend doing that?...
wouldnt it be easier just to start with TG2.0?
22:47 < lmacken> juank_prada: well, TG2 isn't in fedora yet :\
22:47 < tw2113> i don't have the knowledge for frameworks at the
present time, so i'll just go with TG
22:47 < lmacken> I recommend starting with what will be the TG1.1
stack (SQLAlchemy, Genshi, ToscaWidgets)
22:47 < lmacken> with that code, adopting TG2 down the road will be trivial
22:48  * ivazquez needs to figure out widgets
22:49 < ianweller> so have we somewhat decided on TG 1.1?
22:49 < juank_prada> i guess so
22:50 < lmacken> TG1.1 should be officially released this week, I
believe.. but you can easily start working with the 1.1 stack in 1.0
apps as well
22:50 < lmacken> it's just a matter of `tg-admin quickstart --sqlalchemy`
22:51 < lmacken> and then replace the kid with genshi templates
22:52 < lmacken> i'd be glad to help get things rolling if we have a
repo somewhere
22:52 < spevack> lmacken: in fact, we do have a repo.
22:52 < ianweller> lmacken: we do, that's what the gitspins group is for :P
22:52 < ianweller> lmacken:
22:53 < lmacken> just applied to the gitspins group
22:53 < ianweller> ka-sponsored'
22:56 < lmacken> so, has anyone come up with a model for this app ?
22:56 < ianweller> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Image:Spinsfpo-sitemap.png
22:56 < ianweller> brought to you by the mizmo
22:56 < lmacken> cool, yeah I saw that.. I mean an MVC model
22:57 < ianweller> define MVC
22:57 < mizmo> nope, no model :(
22:57 < ivazquez> We're not that far yet.
22:57 < mizmo> model view controller
22:57 < lmacken> model-view-controller... model == db
22:57 < ianweller> ah. yeah, what ivazquez said...
22:57 < juank_prada> tg does work with mvc right?
22:58 < lmacken> juank_prada: yes
22:58 < juank_prada> ok good
22:58 ... signoff!#fedora-websites -> Rasther(Read error: 104
(Connection reset by peer))
22:58 < juank_prada> so i think our next step would be to define the model
22:58 < ianweller> userdirs are working on pt12, fwiw
22:59 < lmacken> juank_prada: yep
22:59 < lmacken> for the past few TG apps I've helped work on, we
defined and implemented the model with in gobby.. which seemed to work
out nicely
22:59 < ianweller> i'm up for gobby :D
23:00 < lmacken> I recommend trying to lure toshio into gobby to help
with this model when he gets back from vacation tomorrow :)
23:00 < juank_prada> so am i... but i would like to know the date  as
im leaving in about 10-15 minutes :S
23:00 < lmacken> he's our sqlalchemy/db guru
23:01 < juank_prada> should we leave this step for next meeting?... or
doing it during this week so next meeting we have something else to
talk about the other parts of the mvc pattern :)
23:01 < spevack> i just want us to be clear on the next step, who's
doing it, etc.
23:02 < juank_prada> mizmo, what about the use cases you talked about?
23:02 < spevack> so if we're going to have a few people working
together in gobby, i'd just like to make sure that juank_prada knows
when that is, because i think it's very important that he be included.
23:02  * ianweller notes that he needs to go now
23:02 < ianweller> i'll talk to mizmo at some point about the html/css stuff.
23:03 < mizmo> juank_prada, the main use cases are in the wiki - user,
developer, and reviewer
23:03 < mizmo> juank_prada, they aren't diagrammed out yet though
23:03 < spevack> so, before people run off... what are our goals for
the coming week?
23:03 < juank_prada> well... they are defined which is the more
important thing... going from there to a graphic is easier
23:03 < lmacken> if you guys are set on TG, i'd be glad to help get a
skeleton project up
23:04 < ivazquez> That would be appreciated.
23:04 < lmacken> but in terms of hacking, I may not have spare cycles
for a month or so
23:04  * ianweller must run as of now. i'll read the scroll buffer
23:04 < juank_prada> lmacken, i would really like you to help us
here... and it seems TG is the one we will use
23:04 < lmacken> juank_prada: cool
23:05 < ivazquez> Uh, oh yeah. I should probably mention that I'm
going on vacation towards the end of the week.
23:05 < spevack> lmacken: that's ok.  i'm not looking to recruit you
as our lead hacker -- i know you're busy -- just to help us move along
as we need it, and help the technically-minded in the websites team be
23:05 < spevack> ivazquez: no problem -- have a nice vacation! :)
23:05 < ivazquez> Thanks.
23:05 < lmacken> spevack: absolutely.  I'll help as much as I possibly can
23:05 < juank_prada> so should i suggest next steps to be having the
use cases defindes (this could be done in an hour or so) and defining
the model?
23:06 < ivazquez> I'll still check my email though, so if you need
anything just let me know (and pray it doesn't get buried in the
mailing lists).
23:06 < spevack> is it better to have lmacken set the TG instance up
for us, or (even if it is pedantic) to ask Luke to tell one of the
folks (maybe juank_prada) who will be a major developer on spins.fp.o
*how* to do it, and let that person actually make it happen?
23:06 < juank_prada> and by defined i actually mean in a grpahic ..
something mre like what mizmo did with the structure of the site
23:06  * spevack thinks that small things like that have large effects
23:06 < ivazquez> spevack: I think we should have a project-wide doc
on how to get TG up and running.
23:06 < spevack> true :)
23:07 < ivazquez> That way we don't get people going off on their own
little tangents.
23:07 < spevack> lmacken: do you have that doc?
23:07 < juank_prada> lmacken, what time is more easily to find you around here?
23:07 < spevack> lmacken: if not, could it be your "fedora websites
action item" for the week? :)
23:08 < lmacken> spevack: `tg-admin quickstart` usually does the
trick.  But In terms of running a command to get a
Fedora-look-and-feel TG app... that may be a useful doc/script to have
23:08 < ivazquez> Interaction diagrams. That's the phrase I was looking for.
23:08 ... signoff!#fedora-websites -> JonRob(Read error: 110
(Connection timed out))
23:08 < ivazquez> We need interaction diagrams, not use case diagrams.
23:08 < lmacken> juank_prada: anytime really
23:08  * ivazquez finally decided to pull out his UML book
23:08 < lmacken> ew
23:09 ... signoff!#fedora-websites -> JonRob1(Read error: 110
(Connection timed out))
23:09 < juank_prada> lmacken, alrite... thing is im starting this new
job tomorrow and im not really sure what or when is going to be my
free time to spend on spins so i would really like to talk to you so
you can give me some tips and help :)
23:09 < lmacken> juank_prada: sounds good.. drop me lines anytime,
either on irc or lmacken at redhat.com
23:10 < juank_prada> alrite :)
23:10 < spevack> ok, well it looks like between new jobs and
vacations, we're going to be in a little bit of chaos here, but we'll
get it all going.  lmacken, much appreciated that you're just willing
to be a resource for us
23:10 < spevack> well, there is a lot going on in websites land, which is good.
23:10 < spevack> I know we're over time... do we need to adjourn this
meeting and let people go?
23:10 < lmacken> hashing out ideas/models/cases/etc in gobby may be a
good way for us all to chip in spare cycles when we can
23:11 < lmacken> oh no.. jack is calling.. brb :)
23:11 < spevack> ok, who's sending the log to
23:11 < spevack> JonRob?
23:11 < juank_prada> so... when can we do the model design?
23:12 < lmacken> juank_prada: we can probably start that now.. change
it as we need to
23:12 < juank_prada> well... im leaving in a few minutes.. and ill be
back late.. so...
23:13 < lmacken> juank_prada: well, by "now" i mean whenever people
have time.  It's something that will evolve with our requirements and
use cases
23:14 < juank_prada> oh
23:14 < juank_prada> ok then :P
23:14 < juank_prada> it seems ill have a free time during this week
(probably for all comming weeks to) at around 2:00 UTC :S
23:15 < spevack> juank_prada: why don't you propose a time, and send
it to the list (and luke) along with a list of the couple of things
you'd like to discuss
23:15 < juank_prada> not sure how that time work for you lmacken ?
23:15 < spevack> juank_prada: that way you can get the topics you
want, and the time you want
23:15 < lmacken> juank_prada: I think that should be fine
23:16 < juank_prada> lmacken, ok then... ill do what spevack said so
we can get more developers to join us and discuss this issue
23:17 < lmacken> juank_prada: sounds good
23:17 < lmacken> I'll get the TG skeleton into git today
23:17 < juank_prada> great :)
23:18 < juank_prada> i have to go now... so... ill talk to you later
... anything else ill read it from the log ... sorry for being late
23:18 < spevack> juank_prada: thanks for your time!
23:18 < spevack> lmacken: thank you for your time also
23:18 < spevack> mizmo, all: thank you for attending today.
23:19 < mizmo> :)
23:19 < spevack> there's so much going on, my head is swimming a bit,
in a good way :)
23:19 < juank_prada> im really excited here... there is a lot of
enthusiasm in this :)
23:20 < juank_prada> see you all later :)
23:20 ... signoff!#fedora-websites -> juank_prada("Leaving")
23:20 < lmacken> k, I've created the TG quickstart w/ SQLAlchemy & Genshi.
23:20 < lmacken> can't seem to push to git yet.. the account system
may not have synced yet
23:21 < tw2113> meeting adjourned?
23:21 < spevack> meeting adjourned ;)

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