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Re: Fedora Free Media


This list is for Fedora Web and pls ask your queries in Free Media list
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2008/7/4 Tamayi Mlanda <tamayi spectrumits com>:

Dear sir/madam


I am an independent software consultant developing web based applications for the Microsoft Windows platform. I have recently had several enquiries for web based applications on Linux based platforms and have been wanting to try Fedora.


I have been trying for the Fedora Free Media project for the past 3 months without success. More recently, I have been religiously checking the Fedora Free Media site up until July 03, and it was indicating that the Fedora Free Media Program July 2008 is now CLOSED. Then come 4th July, I find that the program for July has also closed. Just my luck L!!!


I was just wondering whether there is anything that you could do to assist me secure a copy of Fedora. I operate from Zimbabwe and unfortunately, I cannot afford to buy the media, we are going through some economic challenges and it is almost impossible to secure anything other than almost worthless Zimbabwe dollars. I also do not have access to credit card facilities. As such I have really been hoping to benefit from the Free Media Program.


Any assistance you can offer me would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you


Tamayi Mlanda

Software Architect

Spectrum ITS

1st Floor, South Wing, Travel Centre

Cnr 3rd Street/Speke Avenue

Harare, Zimbabwe

Mobile: +263 11 803 511

Tel: +263 4 799 626 – 8

Fax: +263 4 799 629



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