Fedora Accounts page mockup

Mike Langlie mlanglie at redhat.com
Mon Jul 7 18:33:14 UTC 2008


I took Máirín's Fedora Accounts page mockup 
(http://duffy.fedorapeople.org/webdesign/FAS/fas-2_reskin.png) and 
applied some changes:


'Tasks' and 'My Groups Summary'
-  A grey value hierarchy defines the section boxes.
-  A light grey background makes this content secondary to the main content.
-  Lines and bullets are removed.
-  Content is indented to make section headers scanable.
-  Numeric data is in a right-aligned column, using a single font size 
and style.
-  Type hierarchy:
          Box Header (larger font size, bold)
          Section Header (standard font size, bold)
          content (standard font size, indented)
          "More..." links (standard font size, italic)

'Account Status' and 'Pending Requests'
-  Headers use a larger font size to indicate main content.
-  'Account Status' content is a larger font size to indicate primary info.
-  Secondary links are a standard font size and in brackets.
-  Box borders and vertical chart lines are removed to simplify sections.
-  Icons are simplified.

Search area
-  "Search" is moved to the input field, to be replaced by query.
-  Elements are reordered for context.
-  "Advanced Search" is aligned left. Users can quickly choose between 
regular or advanced search from the start.


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