Fedora Accounts page mockup

Mike Langlie mlanglie at redhat.com
Thu Jul 10 14:41:49 UTC 2008

Nicu Buculei wrote:
> Mike Langlie wrote:
>> You're right, GIMP imported it with hardly a problem. I cleaned up a 
>> couple of uncooperative layers. Here's the XCF.
> [fedora_accounts01.xcf.zip attached]
> I understand the websites list is not a good place for such kind of 
> reply, but I think it is an useful advice: compressinging with bzip2 
> or gzip is a much better choice for such files (even if the 
> compression rate is about the same):
> - you can create the archive easily, just "save as" from Gimp and put 
> a .xcf.bz2 or .xcf.gz extension;
> - you can open the files easily, just double click on them (in 
> Nautilus) and they will automatically be opened in Gimp (or drag them 
> from desktop in the Gimp window in any OS, I believe);
> - Nautilus recognize them as images and will generate thumbnails.
Thanks Nicu, I didn't know about the GIMP's archiving feature. My only 
concern is that people using other apps that import GIMP files won't be 
able to open the archived file automatically.


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