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Nigel Jones dev at
Fri Jul 11 13:54:57 UTC 2008

Nigel Jones wrote:
> Hi all, two items of business that I want to bring up
> 1)  We now have a bot on the wiki, appropriately named Wikibot, this 
> can be used for general repetitive tasks such as en-mass addition of 
> categories to pages, and some general clean-up tasks that needs 
> to/should happen once in a while.
> 2)  Some pages are getting a bit too big, while some are getting 
> useless as time goes on (information for EOL releases.  As such I 
> propose the addition of two new name spaces...
> a) Archive: (without talk pages)
> Purpose - To allow archiving wiki pages pertaining to EOL releases, 
> and/or are no longer relevant to the general user
> Benefits - With proper setup (not searched by default for instance) we 
> can help speed up searches and remove old information from general end 
> users, BUT still be there for those interested.  Pages like the old 
> Extras and FSA pages come to mind immediately.
> b) Meeting: (with talk pages)
> Purpose - Allow some separation of end-user based content and 
> board/committee/group meeting logs
> Benefits - Marginal, similar to the purpose of Archive though, 
> basically, somewhere to keep meeting logs in a place where they can be 
> optionally searched but not by default
There is a third...

  c) QA: (with talk pages)
  Purpose - Allow QA folks to store software test-cases off the beaten track
  Benefits - Ease of access for QA members, out of the way for 
users/developers, not searched on default, but still searchable if 
people want to
  Notes - This comes from Testopia 
didn't quite work out and they are still unsure, so if noone has any 
objections, I'd like to approve this request on the basis of "It's okay 
with us, just let us know if/when you want to use it".

Speak now or forever hold your peace!

- Nigel
> An alternative to a meeting name space is with proper logging of the 
> meeting channels automatically posting meeting logs on Fedora People 
> (or similar).
> As for the large pages, well we have pages that are well in excess of 
> the 32KB recommended by the Mediawiki folk, stuff like 
> (200KB+) would be better suited to Fedora People, but we don't really 
> have any mandate on this. (it'd be nice to have one).
> Thoughts, Comments, Suggestions?
> Nigel

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