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Fri Jul 11 16:54:00 UTC 2008

On Fri, 11 Jul 2008, Nigel Jones wrote:

> Hi all, two items of business that I want to bring up
> 1)  We now have a bot on the wiki, appropriately named Wikibot, this can be 
> used for general repetitive tasks such as en-mass addition of categories to 
> pages, and some general clean-up tasks that needs to/should happen once in a 
> while.


> 2)  Some pages are getting a bit too big, while some are getting useless as 
> time goes on (information for EOL releases.  As such I propose the addition 
> of two new name spaces...
> a) Archive: (without talk pages)
> Purpose - To allow archiving wiki pages pertaining to EOL releases, and/or 
> are no longer relevant to the general user
> Benefits - With proper setup (not searched by default for instance) we can 
> help speed up searches and remove old information from general end users, BUT 
> still be there for those interested.  Pages like the old Extras and FSA pages 
> come to mind immediately.
It's either this, or delete 'em. You can also do some hacks with
MediaWiki to automatically include something on a page depending on the
namespace; I know it's possible, but I'd have to look into it more.


> b) Meeting: (with talk pages)
> Purpose - Allow some separation of end-user based content and 
> board/committee/group meeting logs
> Benefits - Marginal, similar to the purpose of Archive though, basically, 
> somewhere to keep meeting logs in a place where they can be optionally 
> searched but not by default

> An alternative to a meeting name space is with proper logging of the meeting 
> channels automatically posting meeting logs on Fedora People (or similar).
We not only don't have this *yet*, but also I think it would still be
good for the future-bot to talk to Wikibot and get the pages on the wiki
automatically... with talk pages, of course.

You bring up another excellent point here, though -- the process for
proposing namespaces and getting them decided on and processed. Maybe
Karsten can provide some input here (nudge, nudge).

> As for the large pages, well we have pages that are well in excess of the 
> 32KB recommended by the Mediawiki folk, stuff like 
> (200KB+) 
> would be better suited to Fedora People, but we don't really have any mandate 
> on this. (it'd be nice to have one).
What we need is a mandate to keep pages below 32 KB. That means either
splitting them up into separate pages, or storing them elsewhere.

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