Top nav bar help

Jonathan Roberts jonrob at
Fri Jul 11 19:21:51 UTC 2008

> Im not sure i like the idea of having the navigation links on the top
> nav bar. I think it looks too hidden to the user that way (maybe making
> the links more noticeable would work...?..)

This design was based on Mo's spins page design, and I think quite
works well because it could be consistent across all fedora web sites
providing a consistent place for users to turn to for general
navigation around the page. It could also take the login links etc
where applicable.

That said, I'm open to feedback :)

> anyway... it does look good to have a navigation bar on the top.. good
> work JonRob :)

Thanks...also the code is now available for people to use and tweak:

git clone git://

Would love a bit of help! Giarc, I didn't use your instructions in the
end but Jeremy Katz's that he posted a while ago - think he's made
some changes to make it easier so you might want to take a look at


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