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Re: Top nav bar help

2008/7/11 Jonathan Roberts <jonrob fedoraproject org>:
> Im not sure i like the idea of having the navigation links on the top
> nav bar. I think it looks too hidden to the user that way (maybe making
> the links more noticeable would work...?..)

This design was based on Mo's spins page design, and I think quite
works well because it could be consistent across all fedora web sites
providing a consistent place for users to turn to for general
navigation around the page. It could also take the login links etc
where applicable.


That said, I'm open to feedback :)

Yeap i already looked into those mockups but take into a count that in those examples, the top navigation bar shows links to sites that are not part of the spins site and provide easy access to the other fedora tools/sites different from the spins site links

Now in the mockup you made, the links on the top are actually the fp.o navigation links and we left to the left navigation column all other links to other fedora tools/sites which is exactly the opposite to what  Mo did on her mockups


> anyway... it does look good to have a navigation bar on the top.. good
> work JonRob :)

Thanks...also the code is now available for people to use and tweak:

git clone git://fedorapeople.org/~jonrob/fedora-web/

Would love a bit of help! Giarc, I didn't use your instructions in the
end but Jeremy Katz's that he posted a while ago - think he's made
some changes to make it easier so you might want to take a look at



I would like to help on this, but new job has got all my time so far (i hope i can have some free time later to work on this and the spins section)


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