Meeting Log - 2008-07-14

Ricky Zhou ricky at
Mon Jul 14 21:09:05 UTC 2008

16:00 < ricky> ====== BEGIN FEDORA WEBSITES MEETING ======
16:01 < ricky> Roll Call:
16:01 < ricky> Ricky Zhou
16:01 < JonRob1> ricky are you logging?!
16:01 < JonRob1> Jonathan Roberts
16:01 < ricky> Yup
16:02 < ricky> ianweller, giarc, quaid, anybody I forgot: ping
16:02  * ianweller 
16:03 < ricky> All right, then:
16:04 < ricky> So the planet matrix seems to be going well (thanks, ianweller)
16:04 < giarc> giarc
16:04 < ianweller> \o/
16:04 < ricky> :-)
16:04 < ianweller> i need to tally up browsers when i get a chance
16:04 < ricky> So what can we try to fix this problem now?
16:05 < ricky> Even with a good idea of what's failing, it's hard to test CSS changes without being able to try immediately.
16:05 < ricky> At least Firefox 3 on Fedora isn't particular rare in these parts ;-)
16:06 < giarc> can we get a test instance up that we could try changes on? ( one that has all the same blog posts as the live version)
16:06 < ricky> I've tried a bunch of things to catch that scrolling problem, but no luck :-(  I'm semi-convinced that it's a Linux+Gecko bug
16:06 < ricky> giarc: Good idea - it should be as simple as wgetting a copy (and changing links) to a fedorapeople page
16:07 < giarc> i only get the scrolling problem sometimes, very hard to figure out what is causing it
16:08 < ricky> Weird, I can reproduce it 100% of the time
16:09  * quaid is here, thx
16:10 < giarc> my first page load seems to exhibit it, subsequent loads are seemingly more random
16:10 < ricky> For anybody that's interested in testing on a separate instance, cp -R ~ricky/public_html/planet ~/planet on people1
16:11 < ricky> And sed -i 's/' ~/public_html/planet/index.html
16:11 < ricky> Sorry, I mean cp -R ~ricky/public_html/planet ~/public_html/planet
16:12 < ricky> So the goals for that are to either solve/work around the bug, or maybe even get a simplified test case if it does turn out to be a browser bug.
16:12 -!- stickster is now known as stickster_afk
16:13 < ricky> (Since no CSS is supposed to get that kind of behavior, I'm pretty certain *something* is wrong with the rendering)
16:13 < ianweller> brb
16:13 < giarc> ricky, OK
16:13 < ricky> Anybody have anything else to add about planet?
16:14 < ricky> daMaestro mentioned that the huge sidebar made mobile viewing difficult a while back
16:14 < ricky> (Huge scrolling, plus downloading a lot of usernames before getting and content)
16:15 < ricky> So part of that can be solved with CSS, but the other part is a markup thing)
16:15 < giarc> i think we can swap positions in the markup to solve that, but have not tried it yet
16:16 < giarc> also, should the planet code go into our git ?
16:16 < ricky> Hm, it probably should
16:17 < ricky> Do you think we need to setup an automatic sync from the git repo for that?
16:17 < giarc> i guess that could not hurt, but is probably not nesc at this point
16:18 < ricky> All right, then
16:18 < ricky> Do you think we could push this to CSS people on the list?
16:19 < ricky> A lot of people have expressed interest in helping with CSS, but I haven't been great with giving them tasks to start with
16:19 < ricky> This could be a pretty good chance to get more people involved :-)
16:20 < ianweller> ricky: should we shove a giant "patches welcome" message at the top of the matrix? hehe
16:20 < giarc> sure, if people want to help with it ...
16:20 < ricky> Go for it :-)
16:20 < ricky> It might also be a good idea to ping firefox people/their bugzilla about this.
16:21 < giarc> good thought ricky
16:21 < ricky> It feels like a bug, but who knows?  It could be known/expected behavior..  somehow.
16:21 < ricky> All right, so after the meeting, I'll ask on and see if it's something that we should file a bug over
16:21 < giarc> i hope not expected ... 0_o
16:21 < ricky> Yeah ;-)
16:21 < ricky> So anything more on the planet before we move to get-fedora?  
16:22 < ianweller> not that i can see.
16:22 -!- stickster_afk is now known as stickster
16:23 < ianweller> other than i read stickster's great point in spevack's blog just now
16:23 < giarc> ianweller, got a link?
16:23 < ricky> ianweller: Ooh, can you paste a link?
16:23 < ianweller>
16:23 < giarc> danke
16:23 < ianweller> "On a related note, Paul Frields made a great point earlier today -- we need a mechanism that automatically puts anything sent to fedora-announce-list on Planet Fedora."
16:23 < ricky> Ah, that - yeah
16:24  * ianweller researches existing mailman->rss interfaces
16:24 < ricky> All we need is somebody to subscribe to that list with an email2rss script of some sort
16:24 < ricky> It shoudn't be that hard to do on Fedora infrastructure, if that's the right place
16:24  * ricky might avoid mailman to RSS if it requires modification of Red Hat's mailman
16:25 < stickster> ianweller: We definitely don't want something more spammable as an intermediary
16:25 < stickster> i.e. <== FAIL.
16:25 < stickster> heh
16:25 < ianweller> stickster: duh :D
16:25 < ianweller> ricky: noted
16:25 < stickster> spevack gave me too much credit, it was more his idea as I recall.
16:26 < ianweller> ricky: yeah maybe an internal email that then goes to generate rss feed.
16:26 < ricky> Ah, that's true
16:26 < ianweller> spevack: hehe
16:26 < ianweller> ricky: although it should probably filter out anything that wasn't sent to fedora-announce-list, just in case someone actually guesses the email by accident
16:26 < ianweller> brb
16:27 < ricky> Yeah - that's something to think about
16:27 < ricky> So get-fedora :-)
16:28 < ricky> Anybody know what the progress on that has been?
16:28  * ricky wonders if this falls under the "release early, release often" saying.
16:29 < ricky> It's only marginally more painful when you add "translate early, re-translate often" to it :-/
16:30 < JonRob1> is juank_prada around tonight?
16:30 < ricky> .seen juank_prada
16:30 < zodbot> ricky: juank_prada was last seen in #fedora-websites 1 week, 6 days, 23 hours, 10 minutes, and 20 seconds ago: <juank_prada> see you all later :)
16:31 < ricky> Wow, I forgot to ping mizmo-out too - this is the one she can make, right?  :-)
16:32 < ricky> (
16:32 < ianweller> this is the early one, right?
16:32 < ricky> Yup
16:32 < ianweller> it doesn't look like she's been in at all today
16:32 < ricky> She mentioned that she had been working on that
16:32 < ricky> Is anybody currently working on CSS for her mockups?
16:32 < ianweller> no, but i will be soonish
16:32 < ianweller> i'm assigned to that task
16:33 < ricky> Ah, cool
16:33 < ricky> Try to tie in with fedora.css as much as possible
16:33 < ianweller> noted/agreed
16:33 < ricky> (We really need to start cleaning up our CSS usage)
16:33 < giarc> i have been out of touch a few meetings in a row now, where are mizmo-out 's mockups ?
16:34 < JonRob1> ianweller: css for spins or for pushing to fp.o in general?
16:34 < ianweller> JonRob1: spins.fp.o
16:35 < JonRob1> do we have html for spins to go with?
16:35 < ianweller> no. which i guess is also assigned to me
16:35 < ianweller> mizmo-out does the mockups, i'll turn that into magic^Wcode
16:35 < ianweller> that's how i understand it.
16:36 < ricky> Heh.
16:36 < ricky> Well, both HTML and CSS will build on fp.o stuff a bit, I gues
16:36 < ricky> **guess
16:36 < ianweller> yes, i hope so ;)
16:36 < ianweller> less work for me.
16:39 < ricky> Darn, I suddenly can't find the mockups
16:40 < giarc> brb
16:40 < giarc> $work call
16:40 < ricky> All right, to Websites Infrastructure, then
16:41 < ricky> quaid: Are you around?
16:42 < ricky> No updates on the build script
16:42 < ricky> We are moving to a different workflow, though
16:42 < ricky> The live branch no longer exists - anything pushed to the git repo goes live immediately.
16:43 < ricky> So the workflow I'm aiming for is: People have their own git repos (preferably public/fedorapeople) for testing their own changes, then they push up when they're ready
16:44 < ricky> So the makefile/README has been changed to reflect this.
16:44 < ricky> No more hideous merges/time-consuming typos :-)
16:45 < ianweller> have you shot that info to fedora-websites-list and fedora-infra-list
16:45 < ricky> Just websites (I've made all the necessary changes on the infra side)
16:45 < ricky> (Subject "fedora-web git workflow change")
16:46 < ricky> Anyway, those are all the updates from the infra side - I still haven't found a good solution for ugly templates yet.
16:47 < JonRob1> ricky, i must run, sorry i haven't been around much tonight but have had other commitments to fight with
16:47 < JonRob1> if you throw me the log i'll minute it up over the week
16:47 < JonRob1> and also, there's no new news on the license front
16:48 < ricky> I'm eagerly following, which will hopefully solve some problems
16:48 < ricky> JonRob1: No worries - see you later
16:48 -!- JonRob1 [n=jon at] has left #fedora-websites []
16:49 < ricky> So onto common look+feel
16:49 < ricky> giarc: Are you back?
16:49 < ricky> quaid and stickster might be interested in this too, since it says that docs.fp.o is first on the list :-)
16:49 < giarc> yep
16:50 < ricky> So how's it going with prettifying docs.fp.o?  Are we going to try to do it within the current build system, or are we waiting for something less convoluted to work with?
16:51 < giarc> i have had no time for this yet, but was planning on this week... I am not at all familiar with how docs is built ...
16:52 < ricky> Prepare for "fun" ;-)
16:52 < giarc> what /who should i pester for help getting going with that?
16:52 < giarc> ok :-}
16:52  * ianweller prepares for said fun
16:52 < ricky> I'd guess that quaid and stickster (and fedora-docs-list) are the experts on that
16:53  * stickster here
16:53 < stickster> giarc: We have a CVS repository for docs, at cvs.fp.o:/cvs/docs
16:53 < stickster> It contains DocBook XML source for our documents, which are build to HTML and pushed (more or less, with some steps in between) to the /cvs/fedora repository.
16:54 < giarc> ok
16:54 < stickster> Tagged LIVE and then sync's on the server by a cronjob
16:54 < stickster> *sync'd
16:54 < giarc> so I guess I will be interested in the co and build part for starters ...
16:54 < ricky> Isn't that HTML seddde into a PHP file then converted into an HTML file at some point?
16:55 < ricky> **sedded
16:55 < ricky> (Or was I mixing it up with
16:57 < ricky> giarc: Anyway, let me know if I can help with diving into makefiles and buildscripts and such :-)
16:57 < ricky> quaid: ping (Wiki Content Sponsorship - Plugin)
16:59 < ricky> :-/
17:00 < giarc> mm, i have followed these:
17:00 < giarc>
17:00 < giarc> and it is challenging me for anonymous's password ?
17:00 < ricky> Blank?
17:00 < ricky> If that doesn't work, can you give me the command you're trying?
17:01 < giarc> blank
17:01 < giarc> thanks
17:01 < ricky> Ah, cool
17:01 < giarc> oh boy, this does look fun
17:02 < ricky> Hehe.
17:02  * ricky quickly get the last item in:
17:02 < ricky> Group join interstitial pages in FAS 
17:03 < ricky> I think one problem is that FAS kind of breaks the step by step process of most join pages.
17:03 < ricky> So we need to make it more wizard-like, I guess.
17:06 < ricky> I guess we've hit the hour mark for now, so let's close this up
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