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Jonathan Roberts jonrob at
Tue Jul 22 21:41:23 UTC 2008

Hey all,

I said in last night's meeting that I'd start work on a draft of
content to go on the join page, to clarify the process and make it
more useful. This is what I have so far, but is it too wordy? (Lol, of
course this is entirely text, but is it too long!)




Join Fedora

There are many great reasons to join Fedora, and many different ways
you can get involved. This page aims to explain what you need to do to
join and highlight a few of the ways you can help us. It will also
explain some of the tools that Fedora contributors get access to and
how to go about accessing them.

Fedora Accounts

No matter what role you want to fulfill in Fedora, you are going to
need a Fedora account. Signing up is easy, and everyone is welcome.

When signing up you will be asked to agree to the Fedora Contributor's
License Agreement (CLA). The purpose of this is to establish copyright
control under Red Hat, providing a number of benefits to the project.
Chief amongst these is that it makes it easy for us to ensure that all
contributions to Fedora are free and open, as well as providing a
means for us to handle any potential law suits. You can read more
about the CLA here.

Joining A Team

Fedora is a very diverse place and no matter what your skills are, we
probably have a team you can get to work in. Take a look at the skill
sets below, the teams that come under them, and pick the one that
interests you most.

Once you've decided on a team that suits you, sign up for their
mailing list and introduce yourself. Once you've done that, they will
advise you about the best way to proceed from there and how you can
best help.

NB: Many teams have their own "group" within the account system.
Membership of these is often required to access some of the tools and
to be eligible to vote in elections. Once you've decided on a team,
you will also want to apply for the relevant groups, but remember that
applying for a group does not automatically mean you will be given
access. Although each team works slightly differently, the best way to
gain access is to make yourself known and to get involved, maybe even
asking somebody to mentor you through some initial tasks.

-- List of roles here, along with teams that come under each role,
their mailing list and their related groups --

Contributor Tools

-- Information about Planet, Talk, Gobby, People etc etc goes here --

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